Ahead of his highly anticipated debut on NXT, the latest WWE signing has seemingly been unveiled, creating a wave of excitement among wrestling fans worldwide.

In a prelude to the latest episode of NXT, a series of matches were recorded for NXT Level Up, showcasing the debut of none other than Riley Osborne. In the bout, Riley Osborne secured a victory against Javier Bernal during the show.

Riley Osborne is the new in-ring persona adopted by UK independent wrestler Turbo Josh Terry. Turbo Josh Terry had previously made appearances for NXT UK in the past. He has now stepped into the spotlight with his transformed identity, Riley Osborne. Interestingly, Turbo Josh Terry is also known for his real-life connection as the boyfriend of current NXT star Blair Davenport.

The debut performance suggests that Turbo Josh Terry has joined the ranks of WWE. The excitement deepened as he further confirmed his transition by altering his Twitter handle to Riley Osborne and incorporating ‘NXT’ into his profile. Similarly, his Instagram handle was updated to ‘riley_osborne_wwe’, emphasizing his connection to WWE NXT.


Riley Osborne’s entry into the WWE arena brings an intriguing dimension to the NXT landscape, and fans are eager to witness the potential he brings to the ring.

What are your expectations for Riley Osborne’s journey in WWE NXT and his potential contributions to the roster? Leave us a comment.

Steve Carrier

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