Ryback has a few fans left in the pro wrestling business, but a lot people were very interested in the idea of Booker T putting him in his place. A fight between the two will never be officially arranged, but you also never know what can happen in pro wrestling.

We previously reported that Ryback went off during his live stream. He released string of “f*ck yous,” and dished them out to Mark Henry, Busted Open Radio, and Booker T as well. Booker T later accepted Ryback’s challenge to fight him. Then Booker T pulled out of the fight after he realized that Ryback wanted a more formal setting.

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke Michael Cole getting both RAW and SmackDown announcing gigs. Booker also mentioned how Big E jacked his “sucka” catchphrase.

Booker T also continued to stir the pot with Ryback a bit. After all, the two were supposed to have fight, but that isn’t happening. That being said, Dutch Mantel said that Booker T would destroy Ryback, and Booker appreciated that sentiment.


“Big shout out to Dutch Mantell for putting me over saying I’d beat the hell out of Ryback in a fight and that’s true. That’s damn true.”

Ryback said that he hasn’t heard back from Booker T about a proposed fight. Ryback wants an MMA contest, something arranged that they might be able to cash in on, but Booker T doesn’t want anything public.

Ryback claims that fans don’t know the real truth, because they just read negative press about him. As Ringside News previously reported, Booker T spoke about this fight with Ryback and how he’s bummed that it’s not going to happen.

We will have to see if Ryback and Booker T every throw down. That fight won’t be arranged, but it sounds like Booker T won’t back down from a confrontation if the two ever cross paths. Only time will tell if these two ever actually throw fists with each other, but it sounds like Booker T likes the idea of beating up The Big Guy.

What’s your take on Booker T and Ryback fighting? Who would win that fight? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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