AEW’s monumental event, AEW All In, held at London’s Wembley Stadium, marked a significant milestone for the promotion. The show, while undoubtedly successful, was not without its share of challenges, including reported backstage altercations. One such incident allegedly involved CM Punk and Jack Perry, adding a layer of complexity to an otherwise amazing event.

Even before the event, former WCW executive Eric Bischoff had expressed concerns about AEW’s handling of the CM Punk situation.

In a recent discussion on AdFreeShows’ Locked & Loaded, Bischoff addressed the rumors surrounding Punk’s influence within AEW and his alleged involvement in deciding who is booked for “AEW Collision” tapings.

Bischoff’s comments were direct, reflecting his skepticism about the situation. He questioned the management structure of AEW, particularly the extent of Tony Khan’s authority as the company’s owner.


Bischoff’s statements underscored the concern that if true, Punk’s reported influence over talent and booking decisions could potentially jeopardize the future of AEW.

“If it happens to be true, what in the name of f**k? Who’s running that company? Is Tony Khan this little dweeb that just is in love with CM Punk and is letting a talent dictate how Tony runs the business he’s invested upwards of $100 million in? What? How does this happen? This guy is — if any of this is true, I blame it all on Tony Khan. He’s a b***h. He’s letting CM Punk run roughshod over everybody in the company. I don’t see AEW having any kind of a real future if indeed this is true.”

Throughout the episode, Bischoff’s criticism extended to various aspects of AEW’s management and creative direction. While he acknowledged certain positive elements, such as the initial weeks of AEW Collision, Bischoff frequently voiced his reservations about the promotion.

What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff’s concerns about AEW’s management structure and CM Punk’s alleged influence on talent and booking decisions? Leave us a comment.

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