The world lost Bray Wyatt this week at 36-years-old. The pro wrestling community is in mourning, and fans are also coping in their own ways. Now, Uncle Howdy is trending for a very interesting reason, as there is a call for Bray Wyatt’s legacy to live on through that angle.

Bo Dallas, who is Bray Wyatt’s real-life brother, played Uncle Howdy. Dallas was previously released from the company, but he was quietly brought back for this role. Bray Wyatt’s final appearance on WWE television saw the two work in tandem to take out Hit Row, but there were so many stories left to tell.

One fan named Cory posted on X to say, “Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas) returned to WWE as Uncle Howdy. He had been working alongside his brother Windham (Bray) everything was put on pause due to Bray being off of TV. I think WWE should have him return when he is ready and carry on the legacy.”

It seems that Cory might be onto something. Fans responded to this tweet in a big way. As of this writing, the post on X has 232 Reposts, 15 quote-reposts, 2,786 likes, and 53 bookmarks.


This tweet went viral, and Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas’ are now trending on X. This is because of fans sharing clips of Bo Dallas’ most recent WWE character, and because fans want to see him again.

We will have to see if WWE ever brings Uncle Howdy back. It might be very hard to do, considering all the emotional aspects involved, but fans might really like to see it if WWE can do it correctly. It’s all about execution in this instance, because bringing Uncle Howdy back right now could be perceived as tone-deaf if it’s not done the right way.

Either way, WWE fans are mourning Bray Wyatt’s loss, and sharing their favorite memories. Many are also pining over what could have been as a creative genius was taken from us far too soon. RIP Windham Rotunda, and thank you for everything.

Would you be down to see Uncle Howdy return in some way? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Felix Upton

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