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The following is confirmed for tonight’s event:

  • NXT Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Wes Lee.
  • The Judgment Day (Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley) vs. Dragon Lee & Lyra Valkyria.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match: Nathan Frazer (c) vs. Noam Dar.
  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Trick Williams.
  • Ivy Nile vs. Ava Raine (w/ Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler of The Schism).
  • Von Wagner vs. Baron Corbin.

WWE NXT Heatwave Results:

Booker T and Vic Joseph are your commentators.


The show kicks off with Tony D’Angelo in conversation with Channing Lorenzo. Suddenly, Channing sprints past Tony and takes a plunge into the pool, joined by all the NXT wrestlers. Tony then shifts the discussion to the mixed tag match, while Channing brings up Ilja and Trick. A pal arrives with additional guests for the ongoing party. Moving on, the focus turns to the upcoming Men’s Title Match. Tony remarks that the summer is reaching its conclusion, urging it to end with a memorable flourish.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Trick Williams

As the match gets underway, Ilja swiftly delivers a boot as the bell rings, followed by a series of sharp chops and well-placed kicks. He follows up with a couple of forceful forearms. Taking control, Ilja drives Trick into the corner and lands a stinging chop, then propels him into yet another turnbuckle. Trick retaliates with a barrage of forearms, attempting a slam, but Ilja manages to evade and counters with an attempt at a German suplex. Trick slips away and responds with a solid shoulder tackle. Ilja rebounds with a sudden enzuigiri, stunning Trick. Seizing the advantage, Ilja secures a waist lock and delivers a forearm strike to Trick’s back.

Ilja Dragunov demonstrates his skillset by delivering a precise spinning back fist, followed by a forceful chop and a rapid spinning chop. He further asserts his dominance with a well-placed boot to Trick’s head. However, Trick responds by blocking a kick and unleashing a series of determined forearms. Not to be deterred, Ilja delivers another impactful chop. Trick counters with a sudden dropkick, catching Ilja off guard.

Ilja attempts his signature move, the Konstantin Special, but Trick manages to thwart the maneuver. The action spills to the outside, where Ilja takes advantage by driving Trick into the apron and landing another head-targeting boot. With Trick reeling, Ilja follows up with an uppercut, then returns him to the ring. He continues to target Trick’s head with a boot and a resounding chop.

Transitioning into a more technical approach, Ilja executes a hip lock takedown, transitioning smoothly into a side headlock. Trick manages to work his way back up, only to be met by Ilja’s shoulder tackle and boot. A battle of suplex attempts unfolds, with Trick initially blocking Ilja’s attempt and then trying one of his own. Ilja, however, counters Trick’s suplex attempt, deftly landing on his feet. He responds with another chop and a powerful running knee that nearly secures him a victory.

Ilja maintains his control by applying a rear chin lock, but Trick refuses to back down. They engage in a fiery exchange of forearms, with Ilja gaining the upper hand by delivering sharp slaps. The boot to Trick’s head serves as a reminder of Ilja’s relentless assault.

Ilja continues to assert his dominance with an Irish whip that sends Trick into the corner, followed by a resounding chop. He charges into the corner with a running boot, then unleashes a series of Kobashi-style chops. Trick manages to deliver a chop in response, but Ilja’s onslaught of Kobashi chops continues. Trick blocks one of Ilja’s chops and retaliates with a forearm, prompting Ilja to fire back. The exchange intensifies as Trick lands a clothesline, only for Ilja to respond with a swift enzuigiri. Trick fights back with a well-placed kick and a forearm, with Ilja countering in kind.

Trick maintains the offensive with a series of forearms and punches, punctuated by an uppercut that sends Ilja down to the mat. Trick then targets Ilja’s head with boots and more kicks, displaying his aggressive approach. Ilja goads Trick for more, and Trick complies by delivering another kick and choking Ilja against the ropes. Ilja, however, blocks a suplex attempt and counters with a barrage of forearms. Trick manages to kick Ilja away and executes a flapjack, followed by a running knee that nearly secures a victory.

Ilja rallies back with a DDT and a subsequent one, coming close to a pinfall. He then backs Trick into the corner, situating him on the turnbuckles. Ilja sets up for a superplex, but Trick resists and counters. Trick executes a uranage off the turnbuckles, coming close to a pinfall of his own.

Trick goes for his signature cyclone kick, but Ilja blocks it and responds with a German suplex followed by a kick. Though Trick escapes a potential powerbomb, Ilja manages to hit it, followed by a falling forearm for a near fall. Trick slaps Ilja, and Ilja answers with a retaliatory kick. Ilja ascends the turnbuckles and positions Trick, then launches himself with a diving forearm to secure the three-count.

Ilja Dragunov emerges victorious. After the match, he nods in approval at Trick’s performance.

In the locker room, Tyler Bate encounters Nathan Frazer. Nathan inquires about Tyler’s well-being, to which Tyler responds that he’s persevering through the pain. Tyler suggests that Nathan needs to prove himself as the true Heritage Champion. Nathan then asks Tyler to be his second during his match against Noam. Nathan also promises Tyler the first shot at the Heritage Championship after he defeats Noam.

We return to Dom and Rhea’s presence in the scene.Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by the entrance of Mustafa Ali. Rhea questions Ali’s presence and demands an explanation. Ali responds, saying he’s here to offer his well-wishes. He playfully suggests that Dom and Rhea should “break a leg” in a theatrical sense, so that NXT can finally have a North American Champion worth caring about.

Dom interjects, expressing his indifference towards NXT and emphasizing his singular concern for “Mami.” Rhea, visibly annoyed, addresses Ali, giving him an ultimatum. She gives him ten seconds to leave the locker room, or else they will vividly demonstrate the fate that awaits Lyra and Lee.

Ali responds with a hint of sarcasm, remarking that they’re accustomed to dealing with such time constraints.

Ivy Nile vs. Ava (with Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid, and the Schismnators)

During the match, Ivy’s attention is diverted by the presence of Joe and Jagger, allowing Ava to seize the opportunity and launch a surprise attack from behind. Ava sends Ivy crashing into the turnbuckles before executing a slam, followed by another. Ava then whips Ivy into the corner and delivers a splash. Continuing her assault, Ava executes a backbreaker and nearly secures a pinfall. She attempts another Irish whip, but this time, she misses a splash, giving Ivy a chance to counter with a series of kicks to the head.

Ava fights back with a scorpion kick, coming close to victory with a near fall. She proceeds to choke Ivy against the ropes. However, Ivy manages to turn the tide by applying a dragon sleeper submission, forcing Ava to tap out.

Ivy Nile emerges as the winner.

After the match, a masked woman appears on the apron. Subsequently, more masked individuals join her on the apron. Ivy responds with a swift kick and a German suplex to these masked intruders. Two of them assist Ava in escaping to safety.

In another scene, Wes Lee is seen on the phone when Ilja Dragunov approaches, visibly in pain. Ilja reassures Wes that he’s okay. He mentions that Trick Williams is no longer an obstacle on his path to the NXT Title.

Wes confidently proclaims that a new champion is on the horizon, and it will be him. He declares that the title Ilja desires will soon be around his own shoulders. Wes asserts that he has carved his own fate, mentioning his victory over Carmelo Hayes that evening. He expresses his eagerness to face Ilja Dragunov as the champion, anticipating a future showdown.

Noam Dar (with Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend) vs. Nathan Frazer (with Tyler Bate) for the NXT Heritage Championship

Round One:

The match kicks off with both competitors locking up, with Dar quickly transitioning into a wrist lock. He takes Frazer down and maintains control with an arm bar, scoring an early near fall. Dar continues to work on Frazer’s arm with a wrist lock.

Frazer manages to counter with a side headlock, attempting a shoulder tackle, but both wrestlers remain standing. Dar regains control with another side headlock, but Frazer eventually reverses the hold. Frazer then avoids a Lebell Lock attempt and almost pins Dar with a rollup. The round concludes with Frazer attempting a cover on Dar, who escapes.

Round Two:

Dar employs a leg kick to begin this round. They engage in a lock-up, and Dar drives Frazer into the ropes. Dar misses a kick, and Frazer takes advantage with a side headlock takedown. Dar counters with a rollup for a near fall. He follows up with a head scissors, but Frazer escapes by doing a headstand and dropkicks Dar.

Frazer applies a side headlock on Dar. Dar counters with knees to the midsection and forearms. Frazer responds with a running dropkick. However, Dabba-Kato interferes, choke slamming Tyler Bate onto the apron, which distracts Frazer. Dar capitalizes on the distraction, securing a rollup for the three-count.

Round Three:

Dar dominates the third round with a running elbow in the corner, coupled with punches. Frazer manages to fight back with punches of his own. Dar targets Frazer’s ribs with kicks and follows up with a kick to the leg. They exchange strikes, with Dar utilizing an Irish whip, and Frazer avoiding a springboard move to get a near fall.

As the round ends, Dar lands an uppercut.

Round Four:

Frazer begins with a near fall, followed by a chop in the corner. He flips out of the corner to execute a power slam for another near fall. Frazer goes for a Phoenix Splash, but Dar evades it. Frazer then rolls through, and with a rollup, almost scores a pinfall. Dar counters with a back elbow, attempting to put Frazer’s leg on the rope. He heads to the top rope, but Frazer recovers, punches Dar, and delivers a superplex followed by a Final Cut for a three-count.

Round Five:

Frazer initiates the fifth round with a double leg takedown and forearms. He goes for a Phoenix Splash from the top rope, but Dar counters by applying a triangle choke. Frazer transitions into a one-armed sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Frazer sets up for a springboard move, but Dar stops him. The two trade blows on the turnbuckles and tumble to the outside.

As they return to the ring, Lash interrupts, attempting to hinder Frazer. Dar kicks Frazer and executes a fisherman’s buster for another near fall, with the round ending shortly after.

Round Six:

The final round begins with an intense exchange of forearms. Dar targets Frazer’s leg with kicks and forearms. Frazer fights back with forearms of his own, causing Dar to go down. Dar responds with a kick to the knee and then kicks Frazer in the shoulder. Frazer covers up to avoid Dar’s Nova Roller finisher. Frazer strikes back with a kick and misses a boot, allowing Dar to kick Frazer’s leg while it’s on the ropes.

Dar avoids a reverse DDT with a roll through and applies a knee bar. Frazer escapes by rolling over and delivering punches. He follows up with a super kick, then climbs the ropes for a Phoenix Splash. Dar stops him, leading to Frazer inadvertently kicking Mensah off the apron into Lash and Jakara. Frazer misses the Phoenix Splash, and Dar capitalizes with a Nova Roller for the three-count.

Winner: Noam Dar (new champion)

In a backstage segment, Ava stands under the Schism’s tree, addressing the camera. She credits the bravery of her loyal followers for helping her stand strong despite attempts to end her career. She addresses the Creed Brothers and Diamond Mine, labeling them as failures and challenging them to prove her wrong. Ava confidently asserts that if they want to challenge her, they know where to find her.

As the scene shifts, Tiffany Stratton enters the backstage area.

We return to the scene with NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton in the ring.

Tiffany reflects on her successful summer, highlighting her championship victories and defenses. She boasts about being a perfect champion and asserts that her reign won’t be ending anytime soon. She declares herself as a historic women’s champion, even surpassing the likes of Bayley, Asuka, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair.

Gigi Dolin interrupts Tiffany, telling her to stop talking and claiming that fans are anticipating her downfall. Gigi implies that she wants a title shot. Tiffany dismisses Gigi’s challenge, stating that she doesn’t deserve a title match. Gigi fires back, bringing up Tiffany’s previous loss in the ring. Kiana James enters the scene, disagreeing with Gigi’s claim and saying that Gigi doesn’t deserve a title opportunity either.

Blair Davenport arrives, confidently stating that the next challenger for the title is her. Gigi and Blair exchange verbal jabs, with Gigi referencing a past incident at a convenience store. Blair challenges Gigi, and the tension escalates as they exchange threats.

Roxanne Perez makes her entrance and confronts Tiffany. Roxanne suddenly punches Tiffany, leading to a chaotic brawl breaking out in the ring. The situation becomes chaotic as the superstars clash.

In another scene, Drew is observing Charlie and Damon’s training when Myles Borne appears. Drew questions if Myles is tired after watching the match. Suddenly, Charlie surprises Myles by applying a sleeper hold. Myles taps out, and Drew reminds Myles that they don’t tap out.

Lyra Valkyria and Dragon Lee vs. Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

The match begins with Dragon Lee and Dom locking up. Dom tries to back Lee into the corner but misses a chop. Lee responds with a chop of his own. Lee executes a double leg takedown and lands some punches. Dom counters with punches and gains a near fall. Lee attempts a victory roll for a near fall. Dom responds with a kick and more punches. Lee gets sent to the apron after an Irish whip, and he counters with a kick and an attempted rolling move, but Dom catches him on his shoulders. Lee escapes and misses a kick, and Dom retaliates with a chop. Lee tries for a dropkick, but Rhea tags in. Lyra Valkyria enters the match.

Rhea and Lyra exchange words before Lyra pushes Rhea. Rhea pushes back, and Lyra responds with a side headlock, followed by a wrist lock and arm wringer. Rhea delivers an Irish whip, and Lyra leaps over her, executing a hip toss. Rhea counters a bulldog attempt and connects with a shoulder tackle. Lyra responds with a kick and a spinning heel kick. Rhea goes for a suplex, but Lyra lands on her feet, hitting Rhea with a headbutt and forearm. Lyra delivers strikes to Rhea, followed by a series of kicks. Rhea blocks a kick, and Lyra attempts a sunset flip, but Dom tags in, and Lyra doesn’t realize it. Dragon Lee hits Dom with a super kick, and Lyra executes a springboard cross body onto Dom. She follows it up with a headscissors and a dropkick through the ropes, and Lee performs a flip dive onto Dom.

Lee sends Dom back into the ring, where he begs for mercy. Lee boots him in the head and delivers a chop in the corner. Lee misses another chop as Dom moves. Dom kicks Lee and then misses a chop. Lee hits a chop and applies a reverse chin lock. Dom knees Lee and executes an Irish whip. Dom is sent to the apron and drops Lee on the top rope. He follows it up with a slingshot senton for a near fall. Dom applies a reverse chin lock and later a kick in the corner before tagging in Rhea. Lyra tags in as well.

Lyra enters with a crossbody and clotheslines. She follows with a headscissors takedown and a back heel kick. Rhea counters with a body scissors, and Lyra tries to escape using headbutts. She finally escapes and hits a kick and a facebuster on Rhea. Rhea sets up for a powerbomb, but turns it into a suplex, gaining a near fall. Rhea taunts Lee and lands forearms on Lyra’s back. She tries for a wrist clutch suplex, but Lyra counters into a DDT. Lyra delivers kicks, but Rhea prevents her from making the tag. Lyra evades a kick, hits a spinning back heel kick, and manages to tag in Lee. Lee comes in with a back elbow and executes a headscissors takedown, followed by a dragon screw. He puts Dom on the top rope and goes for a double stomp to the back, securing a near fall.

Dom counters with punches and a drop-toe hold, sending Lee into the ropes. Dom attempts a 619 but misses, and Lee executes a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Lyra sends Dom to the floor, attempting a rana off the apron, but Rhea catches her and slams her into the ringside barrier. Raquel Rodriguez enters and pulls Rhea off the apron. Meanwhile, Lee hits Dom with Destino for the three-count.

Winners: Dragon Lee and Lyra Valkyria

Carmelo Hayes is seen in the backstage area, and Trick approaches him to inquire if he’s ready. Trick gazes at the title belt and remarks that the show began with him and will now end with Hayes. He acknowledges that this is Hayes’ first title defense without Trick by his side. Hayes mentions the controversy that occurred at the Great American Bash and expresses his desire to eliminate any doubts. Trick questions if Hayes is implying that he’s to blame for the situation.

Tiffany is interviewed by McKenzie, and she confidently asserts that Becky Lynch was never the NXT Women’s Champion. She dismisses Becky as irrelevant and then addresses the events that transpired in the ring. Tiffany wasn’t satisfied with how the “Summer of Tiff Tiff” concluded and references the “Tiffy Wannabes” who will compete for an opportunity to challenge her.

McKenzie mentions the upcoming Fatal Four Way Match scheduled for the following week.

The broadcast then goes to a commercial break.

 Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) vs. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin launches an attack on Ridge Von Erich in the aisle, delivering a clothesline off the apron. Von retaliates by running Baron into the apron and landing punches. Von then sends Corbin into the apron as well, and the two exchange knee strikes. Von manages to avoid getting sent into the ring post and takes control, sending Baron into the ring post. However, Baron regains momentum by sending Von into the ring steps. The two opponents trade punches, with Von using knees to his advantage. Von sends Baron into the ring steps once again.

Von proceeds to set up a table and attempts to adjust it. Baron seizes the opportunity to attack from behind, executing a belly-to-back suplex on the floor. Just as Baron tries to lift Von onto his shoulders, Von stops him with a boot. Von knocks off the monitors and candy from the table. However, the situation takes a twist when Bron Breakker intervenes with a spear against Von.

In a different scene, Joe discusses the moral stance of Julius and Brutus Creed, expressing concern over their involvement in recent events. Rip expresses frustration regarding the ransom for Ava, while Jagger inquires about the attempt to save one’s career. Joe indicates that they will agree to the demands but issues a warning about the cage not being enough to keep other members of The Schism out.

The segment transitions as Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes are shown walking backstage before the broadcast goes to a commercial break.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Wes Lee for the NXT Men’s Championship

The match commences with a lock-up between Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee. Hayes counters with a back elbow and a snap mare. However, Hayes misses a kick, and Lee rolls him up. Both competitors block each other’s moves simultaneously, including a Codebreaker and dueling dropkick attempts. Lee manages to land a kick for a near fall. Hayes and Lee engage in a forearm exchange. Both execute bicycle kicks, but they quickly get back on their feet. Lee surprises with a Spanish Fly.

Hayes counters by sending Lee into the ropes for a clothesline. Lee rebounds with a kick, followed by a snap mare and a dropkick to the back of Hayes’ head for a near fall. Hayes floats over, missing a kick but connecting with a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Hayes then hits a suplex and applies a side headlock.

Lee retaliates with a forearm to the ribs but misses a corner splash. Hayes attempts the Fadeaway, but Lee gets to his feet and delivers a neckbreaker for a near fall. Hayes escapes to the corner and executes shoulders against Lee. Lee responds with an enzuigiri. Hayes counters with a kick and a springboard kick to the back, followed by the Fadeaway. The two opponents continue their forearm exchange, with Hayes landing kicks and chops, while Lee responds with his own chops. Hayes performs a clothesline and a reverse atomic drop.

Hayes executes an Irish whip and forearm in the corner, followed by a superkick for a near fall. He applies forearms in a front face lock, but Lee counters with a knee to prevent a suplex. Lee executes Meteora for a near fall. Hayes counters with a back elbow, and Lee retaliates with a thrust kick. Lee proceeds to perform a Michinoku Driver and follows it up with a Spiral Tap for a near fall. Hayes escapes a suplex attempt and kicks Lee in the back. Lee sets up for the Cardiac Kick, but Hayes blocks it.

Hayes executes a suplex into a cutter and follows it with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Lee rolls to the outside, prompting Hayes to follow. Lee ends up bouncing off the announce table as Hayes kicks him into it. Hayes performs the Fadeaway through the announce table. Hayes ascends the turnbuckle for the Nothing But Net but misses. Lee recovers and delivers a Cardiac Kick, but Hayes rolls out of the ring.

Lee attempts a suicide dive but misses and crashes into the ringside barrier. Despite this, Lee manages to get back into the ring before the referee’s ten-count. Hayes is concerned but eventually executes the Nothing But Net for the three-count.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (retains Championship)

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