Paul Wight, formerly known as Big Show, recently delved into the backstage dynamics involving CM Punk, addressing the various headlines that have surrounded Punk’s actions and comments.

Speaking candidly in a DAZN interview, Wight acknowledged that Punk possesses undeniable star power and offers his insights on the nuances of Punk’s interactions within AEW.

Wight outlined the competitive and driven nature of Punk, emphasizing that his passion and high expectations extend to himself and those around him. While acknowledging Punk’s assertive demeanor, Wight revealed a longstanding friendship and shared understanding between them. He explained that Punk’s directness in communication can sometimes be perceived as abrasive, especially when he expresses discontent. However, Wight also noted that the essence of these interactions is rooted in an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

“Star power. A lot of people may not like Phil’s attitude. I’ve known Phil for a long time. We’ve been friends for a long time. Phil is super competitive and super driven. He expects a lot from himself, and he expects a lot from others around him. I think a lot in the beginning here is just a communication breakdown. People might not understand how passionate Phil is. Phil is a guy that’s going to let you know if he’s upset about something, and he’s not going to give a crap if he hurts your feelings. He’s not. He’s never been that way with me.”


Wight admitted that he shares a business-oriented attitude and emphasizes the broader objectives of the program. He emphasized that within a company brimming with talented individuals and strong personalities, clashes and conflicts are inevitable due to the competitive nature of professional wrestling. Wight further underlined the importance of effective communication and the diversity of approaches to expressing passion.

“If I’ve screwed up and done something, he’s letting me know right away, ‘What was I thinking?’ and it goes back and forth. I kind of have the same attitude. Not quite as intense as Phil, but mine is very business-oriented. What’s best for the program? What’s best for the overall show? A lot of times in a business, when you have this many incredible talents with this many egos, feathers are going to get rubbed the wrong way. There’s going to be conflict. I mean, it’s not Romper Room. This is a serious business with serious athletes, and everyone has to learn to communicate their passion in different ways. Still, the one thing that unequivocally nobody can deny is CM Punk brings star power.”

Above all, Wight underscored the undeniable allure of CM Punk’s star power. Despite any backstage dynamics or disputes, there’s a consensus that Punk’s presence contributes immensely to the overall allure of AEW. His magnetic appeal and reputation as a game-changer in the wrestling world remain indisputable factors.

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