Adam Cole opened up about his return to wrestling after recovering from injuries during a recent appearance on Under The Ring podcast. Cole shared his thoughts on his physical and emotional state as he prepares for this significant challenge.

When discussing his post-injury feelings, Cole expressed his optimism and happiness. Having been in the wrestling industry for 15 years, he acknowledged that the nine-month recovery period was a mix of being both long and relatively short in his mind.

Despite being cleared by multiple doctors, he admitted that there was a lingering fear of facing another injury. He shared his honest perspective about the emotions he went through during this period of re-adjustment.

“I feel great. I feel really, really good. I’ve been wrestling for 15 years and I remember thinking, you know, nine months is both a long time and then I would also trick myself into thinking, ‘Oh, nine months isn’t that long? I’ll jump right back into it and I’ll be totally fine.'”


As time progressed, Cole began to feel positive about his condition and prospects. He explained that there was a learning curve involved in coming back to the ring after an injury, and that the severity of his situation played a role in this adjustment. However, the past few months have brought about a transformation in his overall well-being. He emphasized that he feels better both physically and mentally, enjoying a renewed sense of confidence.

“There definitely was a re-learning curve when I came back. I think a lot of it had to do with the severity of what I went through. I remember being totally relieved and so happy that I was cleared by multiple doctors, but there still was that like, God, what if something else happens type of fear and I’m just being totally transparent and honest when it comes to that.”

“But now as time has gone on, specifically, these past few months, I feel the best I have felt in years, honestly like, both in the ring, on the microphone, while traveling, in my personal life, like everything that’s happening right now I could not be happier. I’m so thankful, so grateful to be able to be back in the ring doing what I love to do, and truth be told, I have never been more physically, mentally, emotionally, more ready for this giant event. I feel great. I feel really, really good.”

Cole’s sentiments reflect the journey of a wrestler coming back from adversity and reclaiming their place in the spotlight. His positivity, growth, and excitement exemplify the resilience and passion that wrestlers bring to their craft.

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