WWE likes to have control over everything they can. It seems that also extends to the very social media accounts that are presumably run by WWE Superstars. It appears that might not be 100% the case, because the company made a big attempt to attain access of those accounts.

Ryback is not shy about speaking out about WWE. His ongoing legal battle with the company has also been a thorn in his side for far too long. It appears that he has even more to reveal about his time in Vince McMahon’s company.

During a recent live stream, Ryback fired off a bit about WWE. He revealed that there was a backstage meeting where the company wanted everyone to sign over their social media to the company. According to The Big Guy, he was the only Superstar who left.

“People don’t understand in 2016 in WWE when I left, I was the only WWE talent who didn’t — they got all the talent in a room together and tried to get everyone to sign over their social media, and they went over this program and they were talking about sponsors, and I was the only talent who walked out of there and did not sign it.”


Ryback has made a point to say in the past that he wouldn’t accept a multi-million dollar deal from WWE. He wouldn’t trust them enough to ink any new contract, because he’s been wronged so many times in the past by Vince McMahon’s company.

Only time will tell if Ryback changes his mind about WWE, but that’s not likely. If anything, he will keep dragging out every skeleton that he can from WWE’s closet.

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