LA Knight is poised to take top spot in WWE, but he just needs that big win to get him over. There are few better when it comes to promos, but his size has kept him down a bit over the years.

Billy Corgan has been around the pro wrestling business for a long time. Prior to owning the NWA, he also worked in NWA. During that time Corgan was a big fan of LA Knight, when he was known as Eli Drake in TNA.

Chris Van Vliet recently spoke to Billy Corgan, where he was quite honest about LA Knight, and why he never got to the next level in TNA. This was in spite of the fact that Corgan was always a fan of his promo work.

“When I was in the booking office of then TNA, I was certainly one of his biggest fans, I pushed hard to get him more time.


“One of the great promos of all time and that’s not to take away anything from his wrestling. He is a main event-level ability in the ring. But we all know that if you can walk and talk, you hit that other echelon. By the way, that was when he was, you know, seven, eight years younger than he is now.”

When it comes to why the push didn’t come, Billy Corgan said it was due to LA Knight’s size. Apparently, TNA was looking for someone a bit bigger than LA Knight.

“I think one thing that I think people would point to, from a booking point of view — again this was not my perspective, I heard it in the office there — was size.”

LA Knight is still looking for that first big win, but his catchphrases are going viral and his merchandise is still hot. Only time will tell what’s next for LA Knight, but he is certainly on his way to do a lot more in WWE than he did in TNA.

LA Knight had a career before WWE, and a lot of those stories are coming out now. That old footage of LA Knight is still golden, as there is a reason why Paul Bearer’s last television appearance was alongside the future WWE Superstar.

What’s your take on LA Knight and why did it take so long for him to get to WWE? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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