Roman Reigns has solidified his hold on the WWE title, boasting a remarkable reign of 502 days and counting. To secure his place as only the fifth individual in WWE history to achieve the remarkable feat of a 1,000-day championship tenure, Reigns will need to retain the title until December 29, 2024.

Should Reigns achieve this milestone, his concurrent reign with the Universal Championship will reach an impressive 1,581 days, positioning him behind the legendary Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino for the third-longest men’s world title reign ever. Presently, Reigns is a mere 155 days away from surpassing Sammartino’s second championship run, which spanned an astounding 1,237 days. Sammartino’s record-setting reign stands at an astonishing 2,803 days.

The annals of WWE history reflect that only six wrestlers have managed to hold a championship for a duration of 1,000 days or more, with Sammartino being the sole individual to accomplish this feat twice. At present, Reigns claims the fifth position on this illustrious list and ranks sixth in terms of the lengthiest title reigns ever recorded within WWE. Remarkably, Fabulous Moolah retains the top spot, having accumulated an astounding 10,170 days as Women’s Champion.

Numerous WWE fans are rallying behind Reigns, hoping for him to shatter Bruno’s longstanding record. However, this monumental feat is slated for realization only on May 4, 2028 – the very day when this record-breaking moment is expected to unfold.


In order for Roman Reigns to surpass Moolah’s record, a span of just 25 more years would suffice. This would place him at the age of 63, undoubtedly a noteworthy achievement but very unlikely to happen.

While the allure of such an extended reign is tempting, one must consider the well-being of The Tribal Chief. Breaking Bruno’s record would undoubtedly stand as a monumental achievement in itself, warranting immense celebration and recognition.

As the countdown to Reigns’ reign milestones continues, fans around the world eagerly await each passing day to witness history unfold. The duration of Reigns’ reign is a topic for speculation and debate, and we invite fellow wrestling fans to share their insights and predictions below in the comment section.

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