Asuka is a highly respected member of the women’s division on Friday Night Smackdown. She made a name for herself in Japan by terrorizing her competition as Kana, but those days are behind her now. It appears Asuka revealed she was hated by the Japanese media due to her views on joshi pro wrestling.

The Empress Of Tomorrow began her career in Japan, where she competed in various promotions and honed her craft – eventually becoming the deadly professional wrestler we all know today.

Asuka took to Twitter and in a series of tweets, revealed to the world that the Japanese media hated her and tried to destroy her due to her views on joshi pro wrestling and the fact that she didn’t ‘flirt’ with the media like others did. She added that Stardom had been created to “destroy” her personally, but they failed.

“The former editor-in-chief of Pro Wrestling Weekly has made this point on several occasions. That is, Stardom is an organization that was created to defeat me. It is an organization that was created to destroy me personally. But they failed to defeat me. I don’t know what happened to them after that because I came to America.


I don’t flatter anyone.
Even in Japan, the media hated me because I don’t flatter the media.
In Japan, everyone was flirting with the media except me.
I fought the media alone to take care of my fans. That’s why some of the Japanese media still hate me.
That’s why I’ve always been a freelancer.
And Everyone in Japan knows I am anti-Joshi Pro. Always.

The media could not bring me down when I came to America. They must have really wanted me to fail.

I am used to it because I have been fighting my critics alone since my days in Japan. But now that I am here, I have comrades in arms. Charlotte, Becky, HHH and… I’ve walked alone in the wilderness all my life, and here I have an oasis. To the Asuka antis, I say, beat me up on the Internet all you want. I grab everything.

When I became champion, one media outlet asked wrestling fans, “Do you think it is good enough to be champion? “Do you think it deserves to be champion?”

Compare me to other people.
Do you think my abilities are inferior?
Can you believe that? I was always fighting that media all by myself.

We will have to wait and see whether WWE will have anything significant planned for Asuka after she lost her title. After all, Payback is just around the corner and an Iyo Sky vs Asuka match would be an enticing one.

What’s your view on this Asuka story? Do you think she has far too many haters? Let us know in the comments!

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