Vince McMahon, once a board member of TKO Holdings, is currently entangled in sexual trafficking lawsuit, a legal battle that has significantly impacted the trajectory of WWE. Speculation has swirled about whether McMahon might pivot to launching a new wrestling promotion, but insiders close to him suggest otherwise.

Recent months have seen McMahon offloading substantial amounts of stock in TKO Group Holdings, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. This flurry of stock sales sparked conjecture about McMahon’s potential plans for a new wrestling venture.

Discussions on Wrestling Observer Radio touched upon the lack of interest from television networks in collaborating with McMahon. Additionally, sources close to McMahon have consistently indicated that he harbors no intentions of initiating a new wrestling company.

While some figures in the industry had previously hinted at the prospect, none had significant proximity to McMahon. Those in McMahon’s inner circle have adamantly refuted any such notions, with the sentiment growing stronger in recent times.


”What TV network wants to do business with Vince McMahon right now?, Nobody. There has bee no inclination from anyone close to Vince McMahon that he wants to start a wrestling company. The people that talked to me when I did the story a couple weeks ago; there are people that were very into wrestling and they are very important people in wrestling but they were not the person, they were not very close to Vince McMahon. The ones close to Vince McMahon were saying ‘no,’ and it’s an even stronger ‘no’ this week.”

The prevailing sentiment is one of skepticism towards McMahon embarking on “revenge tour,” with the consensus being that it remains highly improbable for him to establish another wrestling enterprise. Nonetheless, what fans ultimately desire is McMahon’s complete disassociation from professional wrestling.

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