It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means! AEW Collision will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

The start time for AEW Collision is 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight promises another exciting night of action as CMFTR challenge for the AEW World Trios Championship. Also scheduled for tonight is The Acclaimed’s return to action. The complete match card is as follows:

  • Ricky Starks will address his actions from last week
  • Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Willow Nightingale & Kris Statlander
  • The Acclaimed return to action
  • We’ll hear from Powerhouse Hobbs
  • AEW World Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. CMFTR

AEW Collision Opener:

The opening package for the show airs. The commentators welcome the audience to the show.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces Ricky Starks. Ricky Starks’ theme song plays and he comes out to the ring. Tony says Starks has been suspended for a month for attacking Ricky The Dragon Steamboat.

Starks says there have to be consequences for Steamboat’s actions. He blames Steamboat for costing him his match. He says AEW has a history of screwing around good guys like him. He says he’s got a manager’s license so he will be on Collision every week because this is his show and legacy.

He says everyone will respect him. He then says he is unhinged and blames CM Punk for bringing Steamboat into this ring. He then asks if Punk can live with his win. He is proclaiming that he is going to set the company on fire starting next week. He says he is going to bring the war to Punk. He then drops the mic and walks away.

The Acclaimed vs. Iron Savages

The Acclaimed’s music plays and they come out with Max Caster rapping. Their opponents are in the ring.

The match starts with Bronson and Bowens. Bowens is rocked in the ring. Bowens fights back and attacks Bronson in the corner. He tags out and Caster dropkick Bronson who tags out.

Bowens tags in and tries to attack Boulder but is stopped. Caster tags in and chops him. Boulder with a Samoan drop to Caster.

*Commercial break*

Bronson goes for a splash and misses. Caster tags out and Bowens attacks Bronson. Boulder tags in but Bowens attacks him and superkicks him. Boulder plants him to the mat. Iron Savages slam Bowens. Cover! 1…2…Caster makes the save. Bronson sends Caster outside the ring.

Caster with a springboard dropkick. Bowens tags out and Caster slams Boulder. They bring Jameson into the ring and double-team him. They hit the famousser for the win.

Winner: The Acclaimed

Caster gets on the mic and says the best two-man team has returned. He says they are wrestling again on Dynamite. He says even though Billy is not with them, they have his spirit and they can’t be stopped now. Bowens says they got to say goodbye but the fans didn’t get to say goodbye. He then asks the fans to make some noise for Billy Gunn.

Bullet Club Gold is interviewed backstage. Juice says nobody is hotter than Bullet Club Gold. Jay says they are the most elite version of Bullet Club ever. They take shots at Young Bucks. The Gunns say they are showing up to Dynamite to confront them.

*Commercial break*

Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Willow Nightingale & Kris Statlander

Willow Nightingale’s music plays and she comes out. Kris Statlander’s theme song plays and she comes out to the ring. Mercedes Martinez’s theme song plays and she comes out with Diamante.

The match starts with Kris and Diamante. Statlander takes down Diamante. Diamante with a hurricanrana. Statlander tags out and Nightingale with a crossbody on Diamante. Martinez tags in and attacks Nightingale.

Nightingale tries to fight back but is stopped. Diamante tags in and they dropkick her. She goes to work on Nightingale.

*Commercial break*

Nightingale hits the spinebuster on Martinez. She slams Diamante on Martinez and tags out. Statlander attacks and knocks down Martinez. She hits Diamante with a dropkick. She hits the senton on Martinez. Statlander tags out. Diamante with stunner to Statlander. Martinez throws Diamante on Statlander and Nightingale. Diamante sends Nightingale into the ring.

Martinez hits the exploder suplex but Nightingale gets up and hits the pounce. Diamante takes out Nightingale. Statlander takes our Diamante. Nightingale is distracted and Martinez roll her up and gets the win with assistance from Diamante.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez & Diamante

Toni Storm is interviewed. She demands a little respect. She says she has been depressed since losing her title but she is feeling better because Saraya is going to be in the match. She is upset when asked about Shida and storms off.

Samoa Joe vs. Andrew Everett

Samoa Joe’s music plays and he walks to the ring. His opponent is in the ring.

The match starts and Joe attacks Andrew in the corner. He hits the overhead kick on Andrew. Joe with a clothesline to Andrew. He then locks in the Coquina clutch for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe gets on the mic and introduces himself. He says he is the king of television and he is looking for an answer of a champion. He says he is met with the deafening silence of a coward. He then takes a shot at Punk. Joe says he wants a match at All In and Punk will give it to him. He says he is going to convince Punk to give him what he wants.

*Commercial break*

Christian Cage’s music plays and he walks out to the ring with Luchasaurus. Christian says this is the biggest family reunion he has been a part of. He then insults the fans. He then says Lebron James is the greatest of all time while he is far superior to Ric Flair or anyone else. He demands respect but he has been feeling disrespected because of Darby Allin. He says Darby will never win the TNT Championship as long as he is champion.

He then says he is building a legacy but if he keeps getting in his way then he will write him a tragedy. Arn Anderson comes out with Brock Anderson. He introduces himself. He then says this is horseman country. He tells Luchasaurus that he’s the champion and not Christian. Christian says is hasn’t been relevant in his life.

Christian is willing to step in the ring to teach him a lesson. Arn says he would’ve done it if it was 20 years ago.

TNT Championship: Luchasaurus (c) vs. Brock Anderson

Brock attacks Luchasaurus but he is stopped quickly. Luchasaurus attacks him in the corner. Luchasaurus slams Brock.

*Commercial break*

Luchasarus with a chokeslam to Brock. He plants Brock for the win.

Winner: Luchasaurus (c)

Darby attacks Luchasaurus and attacks him with his skateboard. Darby says he is getting sick of Christian talking and challenges him to a match next week which he accepts. Darby says he is going to put respect on the TNT title at All In.

*Commercial break*

Tony Schiavone introduces Powerhouse Hobbs. Powerhouse Hobbs’ music plays and he walks to the ring. Hobbs says he hasn’t found any peace in the last few months. Hence, he found the one thing that allows him to inflict violence and that’s the book of Hobbs. He says he doesn’t want or need anyone’s help. He says his next chapter is redemption. He says he will redeem himself by calling out the redeemer Miro. He then calls out Miro.

Miro’s music plays and he walks out to the ring. Aaron and Nick attack Miro from behind and send him into the steel steps. They send him into the ring. Miro attacks both Solo and Nick. Hobbs hit the spinebuster on Miro before walking away

Jim Ross’ music plays and he comes down to the announcer’s desk.

AEW World Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. CMFTR

House of Black’s theme song hit and they come down to the ring.

*Commercial break*

FTR’s music plays and they come out. CM Punk’s theme song plays and he joins them and they walk to the ring.

The match starts with Cash Wheeler and Buddy Matthews. Cash tags out and CM Punk enters the ring. Punk attacks Buddy and tags out. Cash takes down Buddy but he gets back up. Cash with an arm drag. He tags out and Dax attacks Buddy. He hits a suplex and a leg drop. Cover! 1…..kick out.

Brody tags in and attacks Dax. He attacks Dax in the corner. Dax comes back with a dropkick. He attacks Brody in the corner. He tags out Punk with the leg lariat. FTR sends King out of the ring. He gets back into the ring and tags out to Black. Black with an arm drag.

Black with a knee to Punk’s jaw. Punk goes for the GTS but Black evades and goes for the spinning kick but Punk sits down. Black also sits down on the mat. Both teams brawl in the ring.

*Commercial break*

Buddy with a draping DDT to Dax. King tags in and continues to attack Dax. Black tags in and knocks down Dax. Cover! 1……kick out. Black goes to work on Dax. He hits a leg drop and tags out. King with a back elbow to Dax. He tags out and Black attacks Dax in the corner. Black with a snapmare and a kick. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Dax with a DDT on Black.

Both men tag out. Punk attacks Buddy and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He hits a leg lariat. Punk with a step-up knee on Buddy. He goes for a bulldog but Buddy stops him. Punk kicks him in the side of the head. He goes for the GTS but Buddy escapes and Punk hits the clothesline. Julia Hart distracts Punk and Black takes advantage. King tags in and hits the cannonball. Punk rolls out of the ring.

*Commercial break*

King tags in and attacks Punk. He hits a suplex on Punk. Buddy tags in and assaults Punk. Buddy goes to work on Punk. Punk hits the GTS out of nowhere and Buddy rolls out of the ring. Both men tag out. Cash attacks King. He hits a dropkick. He then hits a powerslam to Black. Cash attacks King in the corner. FTR sends Black and King out of the ring. Buddy is also sent outside.

Cash hits a suicide dive onto House of Black. King is sent into the ring and Cash hits a bulldog. Cover! 1…..2….kick out. King climbs the top rope but is stopped. Cash tags in and FTR superplex King. Punk hits the elbow drop. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Cash tags in and they hit the shatter machine. Buddy hit the Meteora on Cash. Dax with a brainbuster and Black and Punk knock each other down. Punk with a suicide dive on Black. Dax with a flying headbutt. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Samoa Joe comes out and chokes out Punk. King hit the lariat on Dax for the win.

Winner: House of Black (c)

This ends our live coverage of AEW Collision!

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