Kevin Nash’s family experienced a terrible loss in his family as his son, Tristen, passed away. The entire pro wrestling world reached out to Big Kev during that time, and he even filmed an episode of WWE’s Hidden Treasures, but that will apparently never air.

WWE Hidden Treasures has fans tuning in every week to see pieces from pro wrestling history. Artifacts are uncovered every week that are once thought to be lost. Kevin Nash has seen a lot during his day in the ring, so his name is an natural inclusion for that show.

During his Kliq This Podcast, Kevin Nash spoke about that unaired episode of WWE Hidden Treasures on A&E. He also revealed why they didn’t air the episode.

Kevin Nash said that he did the whole “f*ck off” thing the whole time, he was making jokes, and it didn’t air. Nash said he has “nothing,” because he doesn’t have any of his own history. He has given far too much of his gear and other things away.


Then he said someone had the original Outsiders singlet that was worn during Hogan’s turn. That was going to be on the show. He also said that when Mick Foley showed up at Nash’s AirBNB, that it looked terrible. He said that A&E couldn’t even cut around any shots from his home, because they were next to his road.

It was the first thing Kevin Nash did after his son passed away. He was “stoned to the bone” and he “cut loose.” Sadly, that footage will never air.

Kevin Nash previously spoke about doing that episode of Hidden Treasures. He “did it because I knew Mick (Foley) would make me laugh. I was looking forward to spending the day with him. I’ve always had a great time traveling and hanging out with Mick. He has a great sense of humor, and our conversations are always engaging and enjoyable. So, I felt it would be a positive experience to dive back into that environment.”

Kevin Nash is trying his best to carry on after his son’s passing. He is focusing on his health, and those stem cell treatments have really paid off.

We cannot imagine the hardship that Kevin Nash and his family went through during this time of terrible loss. We’re still sending out our best to his entire family, from everyone here at Ringside News. As always, leave your comments in the space below.

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