Cody Rhodes recently recalled a moment from his WWE days when he wanted to punch a WWE writer in the face before his departure in 2016.

During an interview with Sam Roberts, Cody revealed that the writer in question still works for WWE and how he’s ready to move past the incident.

Cody addressed this moment in his “Becoming Cody Rhodes” documentary, which is now streaming on Peacock. He mentioned that there was a part of the documentary that was cut out, where Triple H told him that he should have trusted his gut and punched the writer. Triple H’s response was encouraging Cody to stand up for himself and not feel helpless in creative situations.

“That guy is still a writer here, and I have a great relationship with him. I think he doesn’t know it’s about him. I’m also like, ‘How do you not know? You were fake typing.’ I think a lot of wrestlers or superstars all feel, sometimes, helpless. ‘We’re bound to the creative, we’re bound to this writer.’ To a degree, there is a structure that you are part of, but we’re not helpless. I felt helpless and realized, I’m gonna have to get over that. I’m going to have to stop complaining and actually do something. I just didn’t want the thing I did to be outside. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to be that. Being that and getting outside was the only way. It was the cage that needed to be rattled.”


While Cody didn’t go through with physically confronting the writer, he recognized that he needed to address his frustrations and take control of his career. He wanted to avoid becoming someone who leaves the company or creates a problem due to suppressed feelings. Instead, he chose to depart WWE and later became one of the founders and executive vice presidents AEW.

“There is a part that’s not in there, Hunter [Triple H] also told me that when I said I want to punch that writer in the face, he said, ‘Well, you should.’ There was a moment of thinking about, ‘I’m going to go do it.’ I’d be walking so slow, ‘does he know I’m going to punch him in the face.’ We weren’t fighting in the moment. They took that part out. Big HR problem.”

Now, Cody is focusing on his future and preparing for his match against Brock Lesnar at Saturday’s SummerSlam premium live event. Their match is set to be a rubber match, concluding their rivalry and potentially delivering an exciting encounter.

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