Becky Lynch provided an exciting update on her upcoming autobiography during an interview with Richard Deitsch on the Sports Media Podcast. Lynch revealed that she has been diligently working on the book, delving into her life’s story and personal experiences.

Titled “Toast And Me: A Study in Seven Volumes,” the book promises to be a candid and honest portrayal of Lynch’s journey in and out of the wrestling ring. The writing process has been a transformative experience for Lynch, who appreciated the opportunity to express her thoughts and memories freely without judgment.

Lynch shared that she thoroughly enjoyed the initial writing process, where she poured her thoughts onto paper and explored her memories without external influences. However, she soon realized that writing was an intricate craft, and she embarked on a year-long writing course to enhance her skills.

“We all think of ourselves as the hero of our own story. At some points, you look at yourself and go, ‘oh, no, I was the asshole.’ Things like that, where you have to be really honest with yourself, is quite humbling. I did love the writing process, especially the early writing process where it was a pure, ‘let me get all my thoughts, ideas and memories down on paper. Let me write without the moral police being on my shoulder, without the public judgment on my shoulder, let me just write for me.’ I found that experience to be my favorite part. When it came to the editing process and going back and looking at everything.”


The course exposed Lynch to the complexity of writing, and she became aware of how much there was to learn. Embracing the challenge, she found the editing process and receiving feedback from others to be invaluable in refining her work.

“I did a year-long writing course. I did write it myself, and loved it, but realized I didn’t know anything about writing. Have you heard of the [Dunning–Kruger effect], where you start something, and you’ve never done it in your life, ‘I am awesome at this, I’m so good, I’m the best, I’m a prodigy, I’m a natural.’ That’s how I felt about writing. Then, I did this writing course because I wanted to be good at it, and I found out how little I knew about writing, and it’s very intimidating. It was a round circle program with other people reading your work and giving feedback, and it was very helpful. You find out what’s working and what isn’t working, but you also find out how much you don’t know and you’re learning. I love that process too because I love trying to improve on something, especially when I get passionate about something and I want to be good at it.”

I really love writing. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. My dad had me writing in journals since as long as I could write. I’ve always found that to be almost meditative. Writing a book was a great process. I’m in the editing process, the late editing process. I had some problems with editors, some people leaving the company. Now, I have great editors, and we’re off to the races. Hopefully, it’ll be out early next year.”

The book is currently in the late editing stages, and Lynch is enthusiastic about its progress. While she faced some hurdles with editors departing the project, she expressed confidence in the current team and their ability to bring the book to completion.

Lynch’s passion for writing dates back to her childhood when her father encouraged her to keep journals. As a result, writing has been a meditative and therapeutic practice for her throughout her life. Penning her autobiography has been a fulfilling and enlightening journey.

Although an official release date has not been announced, Lynch hopes to have the book published early next year. Fans of “The Man” can look forward to gaining deeper insights into her life, career, and personal growth through the pages of her autobiography.

hat aspects of Becky Lynch’s life and career are you most looking forward to learning more about in her autobiography, “Toast And Me: A Study in Seven Volumes”? Leave a comment.

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