John Cena and Jackie Chan’s latest action-packed movie, Hidden Strike, might have raked in big numbers for Netflix, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good movie. In fact, the new film has received a disappointing 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In this Netflix film, John Cena and Jackie Chan play two soldiers tasked with the mission of guiding a group of civilians to safety through one of the world’s most treacherous roads, navigating a relentless barrage of gunfire and explosions. That sounds like a neat premise, but it apparently didn’t deliver.

As of right now, the film has been reviewed by only five critics. Due to its lower budget and direct-to-streaming release, there remains a possibility that the score may improve over time as more reviews come in.

The film’s critical reviews are resoundingly aligned in their evaluations: the movie falls short in its comedic endeavors and suffers from subpar CGI visuals.


In a review from, it is noted that while watching “Hidden Strike,” there’s a distinct sense that director Scott Waugh attempted to create his own version of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” However, instead of practical effects and real environments, the film heavily relies on greenscreen work and CGI, leading to mixed results.

The film apparently encounters issues with its buddy comedy elements, with lead actors Cena and Chan appearing visibly uncomfortable with each other on screen. It just wasn’t Rush House, by any means.

Collider’s review reiterates this sentiment, stating that a blooper reel during the credits showcases better chemistry and comedic timing between John Cena and Jackie Chan than what is actually presented in the movie. The film’s greatest setback seems to lie in its reliance on CGI, which leaves it feeling hollow and lost in a desert purgatory, like a fever dream from which one cannot escape.

Although the film has garnered a significant number of views on Netflix, the absence of an audience score makes it challenging to gauge the general public’s reception and whether they enjoyed the film despite the critical feedback.

We will have to see if more reviews roll in for this new movie. Right now, it appears that they are not going to be in any running around awards season, unless they’re trying to snag a Razzie.

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