The Rock was a major presence on the road to WrestleMania 40 with many of his friends and family members in attendance to witness The Final Boss return to in-ring action after eight years and emerge victorious on WrestleMania Saturday.

Among his friends and peers, The Rock’s Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt was notably absent from this year’s Wrestlemania 40, revealing that he generously gifted her Wrestlemania 40 tickets along with other presents in an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM via Fightful.

Emily Blunt expressed gratitude for the numerous tokens of appreciation from The Final Boss, including a stunning ring presented to her by him and the film’s producers at the conclusion of their press tour. Additionally, she mentioned receiving plentiful supplies of tequila and sports gear from the wrestling icon.

Despite the thoughtful gesture of receiving Wrestlemania tickets from The Rock himself, Emily Blunt opted to watch the event from the comfort of her home rather than attending live, despite having the resources to do some comfortably. Moreover, she shared a surreal moment from her childhood when her brother was captivated by WWE and The Rock’s matches.


“He’s given me lots of gifts. He and the producers got me this beautiful ring that I love at the end of the press tour. He sends me endless tequila. He sends me a lot of sports gear. I watched it at home. I did not go watch it live. I wanted to, but I felt….I had never watched him wrestle. My brother was obsessed with WWE growing up. It is one of those surreal moments where I remember that as a kid, walking into our TV room and my brother is mainlining The Rock, and then I’m working with him years later. It’s wild.”

The Rock went on hiatus following WrestleMania 40 but vowed to be back and come straight after the man who defeated his cousin, Roman Reigns on Night 2 of the event for his Undisputed WWE Title, Cody Rhodes, following their intense confrontation on the RAW after WrestleMania 40. While there is no confirmed word on his return, all signs are pointing towards a Rock vs Cody showdown in the future and being a huge dream match for the company, one that his co-actor Emily Blunt might see in person that time.

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