Formerly known as The Big Show, Paul Wight recently opened up about his past eating habits during an interview with talkSPORT Breakfast. At the peak of his career, Wight weighed over 500 pounds, but he has since made significant lifestyle changes and lost weight.

When asked about his previous eating habits, Wight revealed that he used to consume a staggering amount of calories. He estimated his daily calorie intake to be somewhere between 13,000 to 18,000 calories. He admitted that he would eat whatever he wanted in massive quantities, including multiple Big Macs, fries, shakes, apple pies, and even 20 tacos from Taco Bell. However, he acknowledged that as he got older, he realized the importance of healthier eating habits.

“How much was I eating? Two or three deep-fried little people. No. It’s always a terrible joke. Probably my calorie intake back in the day, but understand it’s a lot of empty, bad calories because I used to just eat whatever I wanted in massive amounts. So I’d probably say somewhere around 13 to 18 thousand calories a day. You’d get Big Macs, I’d get three, four Big Macs, and I’d get fries and I’d get a shake and get apple pies and probably a fish sandwich in there too. It was nothing to go to Taco Bell and get like 20 tacos. You can do that when you’re younger, and you’re still gonna be big, but as you get older, you realize, ‘Ah, well, I can’t really eat like that anymore.’ Now I kind of feel like I eat like a mouse. I have about ten ounces of protein, I have a small portion of carbs and [vegetables], try to eat halfway decent.”

In recent years, Wight has focused on adopting a more balanced and controlled diet. He now consumes around ten ounces of protein, a small portion of carbs, and vegetables, trying to eat more healthily.


Regarding his career and whether he still wants to achieve more, Wight expressed contentment with where he is now. He mentioned that he doesn’t feel the need to pursue more accolades or accomplishments, as he already has enough in his career. Wight’s focus is now on maintaining a healthier lifestyle and enjoying the next chapter of his life.

What lifestyle changes have you made in your own life after hearing about Paul Wight’s remarkable transformation and shift towards healthier eating habits?

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