Drew McIntyre is back with WWE after a surprise return at Money in the Bank. Still, reports about his WWE contract status are still looming, and there’s no confirmation that a deal has been agreed upon.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Drew McIntyre opened up about his return to WWE and his upcoming challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Title against GUNTHER at WWE SummerSlam. Although he is still going strong, there is apparently a reason behind the smoke about his contract status.

During the interview, Drew McIntyre discussed his decision to take a hiatus from WWE following WrestleMania 39. It was a time when he reportedly felt frustrated with creative decisions and negotiations for a new WWE contract that is set to expire next year. Taking some time off allowed him to recharge and refocus.

“It was cool, getting the break. There were a lot of rumors and headlines on the internet when I was out, probably like 50 different things. It was amazing all the stories about me out there. When you’re not, you’re not on TV, people talk, and you know, there might have been some smoke to some fire with a few of them, but it was nice. People were talking about me when I wasn’t there, but I did have to get some things fixed physically. Unlike injuries, I’ve had in the past. There was no rehab involved, so I was actually able to enjoy my time at home, work on some outside projects, spend time with the misses and the cat, and take a step outside of the bubble and kind of get perspective again.”


“So you’re inside the bubble. We’re 52 weeks per year. You go, go, go. Sometimes you can lose that perspective. And the last time I really had a hard look at myself outside the bubble was in 2014 when I got fired by WWE. So this time, I didn’t have to get fired, thank goodness I had some time off, and I was able to sit down, reassess things, think about what I want to achieve within the industry and as a person, and return with that mindset and come right into a huge match and I’m very excited.”

When it comes to his time away from WWE, he did miss the company. The Scottish Warrior went on to explain how he felt about his hiatus from pro wrestling. He still got an opportunity to do some really cool things in the meantime.

“Yeah. It did remind me just how much I love this; this is what I want you to do my whole life. And it’s sometimes when you’re in the thick of it, you really do forget that there’s a time when I’d be happy to be the waterboy. And there are times when I’ve been on the road nonstop, and I’m complaining about things that are not worth complaining about or angry about, things that aren’t worth being angry about. I’m watching the show at home. I’m like, okay, man, get Nancy now and watch a great match. I wish I were in that match. And I went to Berlin a couple of months ago for the Special Olympics games, where I’m a global ambassador of the Special Olympics.”

“I had the opportunity to walk out with Team Great Britain in the stadium there and see all the fans in the crowd. And I was so happy for all the athletes to get that opportunity to be in front of so many people and see what they do best would’ve been working so hard towards. But in the back of my mind, I was looking out at everyone like, man, I miss this stealing, but I’m glad the athletes are getting to feel, you know, what we feel in WWE. And that was the first time that I truly was like, I need to get back, as quickly as possible. And returning to London is a big surprise, uh, home country. Nobody expected that. I’m sneaking into the country. It was Manchester; I flew into six foot 5, 270 pounds. It was not easy to be a giant ninja, but I managed to slide under the radar, sneak into the hotel, avoid the fans with the money in the bank briefcases, and the titles over their shoulder.”

Drew McIntyre’s comeback was a highlight at Money in the Bank, and now he’s ready to step into the ring at WWE SummerSlam to compete for the prestigious WWE Intercontinental Title. Fans are eagerly awaiting the clash between McIntyre and GUNTHER, and the upcoming event is shaping up to be an exciting and must-see showdown.

Only time will tell what is next for Drew McIntyre in WWE. The company could certainly use him, and he continues to prove that he is a legit main event level talent all the time. Hopefully, they can come to some sort of agreement, but someone like Drew McIntyre could always find a pro wrestling home elsewhere at this stage in his career.

Drew McIntyre has main evented just about every WWE and Impact Wrestling pay-per-view there is. Should #AEW be next? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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