Gimmick infringement is a big deal in pro wrestling, and it can also result in copyright infringement outside the business. Now, it seems that one heavy-hitter from the adult entertainment world is taking aim at an indie wrestling team for jacking their brand.

August Matthews and Davey Bang, known as The Bang Bros, have been an active tag team on the independent wrestling scene for over three years. Throughout their career, they have showcased their skills and talents in various promotions, including BLP, GCW, Freelance, and even made an appearance on ROH TV. However, in these promotions, they were not recognized under their desired tag team name due to its association with an adult film website.

For those familiar with the adult entertainment industry, BangBros is a well-known website specializing in reality-based pornography. The site is known for its scripted content and has become a prominent name in the adult film world. Unfortunately for The Bang Bros in wrestling, their name shared obvious similarities with this adult website, which led to some confusion and disassociation from their preferred identity.

The situation took an unexpected turn when The BangBros, the adult film company, learned about the wrestling tag team sharing a similar name. As a result, The Bang Bros received a cease and desist notice from the adult entertainment company, urging them to discontinue using the name that bears resemblance to their brand.


In response to this unusual development, August Matthews took to social media to reveal the surprising turn of events. He dropped a screenshot of a cease and desist document, along with a caption to explain the situation.

Not a million dollar wrestling contract

Guys this isn’t the real one, wasn’t gonna risk losing my 04 Corolla, we’ll have the real one at Freelance 10$ pictures with it all night come see us

The news has generated attention and discussions within both the wrestling and adult entertainment communities, as the convergence of these two worlds brings an unexpected twist to The Bang Bros’ journey in wrestling. As they navigate this unique challenge, it remains to be seen how they will address the issue and find a new path forward in the independent wrestling circuit.

Davey Bang also replied to say, “Damn even after I subscribe to them they still do this.” Obviously, he is a bit taken aback by this situation.

Interestingly enough, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were known as the Banger Bros in WWE for short time, because all of their matches are “bangers.” They dropped that name after one Google search.

We will have to see if the Bang Bros tag team rebrands themselves. After all, they are apparently up against an adult website company with a ton of money for a legal team. For more on this story, and many more, please stay tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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