Tony Khan is pressing on with AEW, and Collision debuted on Saturday nights to add another two-hour show to the company’s lineup. The locker room for Collision is a bit different from Dynamite, and it is apparently a pretty relaxed place.

Fightful recently spoke to Willow Nightingale, who has appeared on Collision several times. She commented on the backstage vibe at Collision, especially for that premiere episode. All in all, it was a pretty relaxed place to be around.

Willow also admitted that they have a “smaller crew” for Collision, and that helps limit the “chaos.” It seems that there is a sense of freedom that they don’t need to rush anything as well.

“Initially, I wasn’t entirely sure of whether I would be a Wednesday person or a Saturday person. While some people did get a feel of what would be their home moving forward with their schedule, I never really received anything like that. I felt I would be going back and forth between both, and I still do think that will be the case from time to time. I have been on the majority of the Collision episodes, so I am seeing that as more of a home moving forward. Initially, it’s like, I’ve wrestled Saturdays my entire life doing indie show. I’m used to this, but wrapping my head about rescheduling how my life is, ‘Alright, we can get this.’ Once I actually did the first show, I had so much fun.”


“The locker room was so relaxed, chilled. It’s a bit of a smaller crew, so with that there is not as much chaos of ‘I need to make sure I’m in the makeup chair,’ and there’s not 500 people competing to be seen by the makeup artist at once or ‘I need to go see the doctor here, but there are a million people at the doctor getting massages.’ There’s a lot more freedom to not have to rush and find space to do whatever your pre-match warmups are. Everyone is chill, and ultimately, we want to have the best show we possibly can. With something new, it’s always great to see so many different people who might come from different backgrounds or different experience levels all put their energy into making one show as successful as possible. Good vibes all around so far. Really enjoying it and it’s all been positive for me.”

AEW is still striving to establish Collision as a presence on Saturday nights. Although it might be difficult, especially considering the constant programming competition, but it might be worth the effort to have another brand for AEW.

Only time will tell what’s next for Collision, because they’ve settled into a meager viewership pattern so far. Hopefully, Tony Khan’s company can manage, and that also includes the fact that so much of the arena has been bare the last few weeks for the show.

What’s your take on AEW Collision? Do you think the show will be around in five years? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Felix Upton

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