Charly Arnolt was once known as Charly Caruso in WWE, but she left the company to seek out new pastures, possibly with greener grass. She ended up with ESPN, and she used that platform in big way to propel herself to a new fan base. Now, she is on her own and speaking her mind.

The former WWE backstage interviewer has been very vocal about her stance on not vaccinating for COVID-19. She has not been shy about this subject, especially in recent memory.

Charly Arnolt tweeted out in response to the news that Bronny James went into cardiac arrest. He is reportedly stable now, but this is still a very concerning situation. She used this story to subliminally tie things back into an anti-vax narrative.

Young healthy athletes like Bronny James should not be going into cardiac arrest….unless….


Nonetheless wishing a speedy recover

One fan tweeted out to Charly and asked, “what the hell happened to you? Did you sell your soul or something.” To this, the former Charly Caruso fired back to say she’s always felt this way, but she was prohibited from sharing her real opinion until now.

Always been anti-vax, just was never able to say it out loud until now.

It seem that Charly Arnolt will keep sharing her opinions, and nothing will stop her at this point. If anything, this will certainly win her a lot of points with her right-winged fan base, a demographic she might be able to cash-in with in a big way.

What’s your take on what Charly Arnolt had to say? Sound off in the comment to let us know what you think!

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