Former WWE broadcaster Charly Arnolt, better known as Charly Caruso, has left ESPN to join the sports media company OutKick. In a press release issued, OutKick announced that Arnolt will be co-hosting a new show currently in development, which will be announced ahead of the football season.

Arnolt brings years of industry experience to OutKick with her experience as a multi-platform host and reporter with ESPN as well as a host for WWE. She has been with ESPN for five years and has been a host on First Take, SportsCenter, and made regular appearances on ESPN+’s weekday morning show, SportsNation. She also launched an ESPN podcast called First Take, Her Take.

In commenting on the announcement, OutKick founder Clay Travis talked about how they feel Charly would be a great asset for OutKick and she will have the opportunity to speak her mind.

“Charly is an outstanding talent and will be a great asset for OutKick. It doesn’t surprise me she wanted to leave ESPN given their woke approach to sports and this is a great opportunity for her to join a platform that’s growing fast where she can speak her mind.”


Arnolt expressed her excitement to join OutKick and work alongside Clay and a great stable of talent.

“The outspoken nature of the platform and its ability to create engaging content is what really piqued my interest. I have a lot of opinions that I haven’t been able to express, and I can’t wait get started,” she said.

Arnolt will continue her role as a reporter for UFC events. She previously hosted a national syndicated radio show covering sports, entertainment, and comedy before joining WWE.

OutKick has been rapidly expanding its lineup and audience in recent years, covering a wide range of sports news and issues. Arnolt’s addition to the company is expected to add more depth and perspective to their already diverse lineup of hosts and commentators.

What are your thoughts on Charly Arnolt leaving ESPN to join OutKick? Do you think her addition will add more depth and perspective to OutKick’s already diverse lineup of hosts and commentators? Leave a comment.

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