WWE has recently filed trademark applications for five new names, and the identities of the wrestlers behind some of these names have been revealed. According to PWInsider, two of the names have been identified as follows:

  1. Trey Bearhill: This in-ring name belongs to Tiller Bucktrot, a 24-year-old football player who previously played for the University of Tulsa. He is making a transition to professional wrestling and will likely debut under this moniker.
  2. Izzi Dame: Franki Strefling is the wrestler behind this new name. She signed with WWE in 2022 and attended Buchanan and Eastern Michigan University. Franki Strefling has already made her debut on NXT Level Up, which aired on the past Friday.

The other three names, Tyson Dupont, Tyriek Igwe, and Kiyah Saint, are yet to be linked to specific wrestlers.

As WWE continues to develop its talent roster, we can expect to see these names associated with new signings or potential character changes for existing talents in the near future.

Which of the new names and potential wrestlers are you most looking forward to seeing in action? Share your thoughts below.

Steve Carrier

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