Grayson Waller recently shared his thoughts on working with WWE legend John Cena at Money In The Bank. During a segment, Waller stood face-to-face with Cena before receiving an Attitude Adjustment.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Waller expressed how comfortable he felt trading promos with the iconic wrestler.

Waller revealed that he had put in a lot of effort and preparation for such a moment, imagining what he would say to Cena in such a scenario. He also discussed this with fellow wrestler Carmelo Hayes beforehand, acknowledging Cena’s reputation for being candid and challenging others on the microphone. Waller admired Cena’s ability to push people to bring their best and regarded him as the measuring stick for mic skills in the wrestling industry.

When the moment finally arrived, Waller felt completely at ease and confident. He had mentally prepared for facing Cena, and his hard work and dedication paid off, allowing him to perform comfortably and enjoy the experience.


“The weird thing is, I felt like I have been there before, because I put a lot of work into what I do. I work very very hard. If you don’t think I haven’t thought about what I would say to John Cena if I stood across from him, I’ve thought about that many times. It’s very funny. Myself and Carmelo Hayes a few weeks before talked about it. ‘If you’re ever in there with Cena and he came at you.’ We’ve all seen before that Cena goes in on people. He doesn’t hold back. He’s going to tell you what he thinks. I love that about him. He’s the measuring stick on the microphone, and he tests people.”

“You see what he did with (Austin) Theory earlier in the year. He was testing Theory, the way he talked to him and put it on him. I’ve thought about that moment so many times. When I went out there, I felt completely comfortable. I’ve thought about being across from you, your music is not going to scare me, you standing here is not going to scare me. This is where I belong. That’s the attitude I bring into these things and that’s why I look so comfortable. I work hard. Nights like that are easy for me. They are the nights I get to enjoy.”

Regarding the reception from the WWE Universe, Waller expressed a modest attitude. While he acknowledged that some online fans initially criticized his segment, he believed he proved himself and showed his true abilities both to the audience and the backstage personnel. He addressed the fickleness of some fans, noting that they quickly changed their opinions after witnessing his performance.

“I guess so. I don’t think I’m happy with anything I do. I think I showed a lot of people who I was. I know online people were complaining, ‘Oh, he’s a talk show host now.’ People didn’t know I was hurt. ‘What’s he even doing, he doesn’t belong there.’ All of a sudden, everyone switches because fans are so easy to change. Now it’s, ‘Wow, he’s so good.’ Get off the bandwagon, I don’t need you on my side. I think I proved myself, not only to people online, but people backstage. No one knew John was there. I’m walking around all day, and people are like, ‘why is he here? The SmackDown crew flew home yesterday.’ ‘Just hanging out.’ Obviously, there was someone hiding in the halls of the O2 Arena.”

Reports have since emerged, indicating that the WWE management was highly satisfied with Waller’s segment with Cena. This positive feedback validates Waller’s talent and hard work, suggesting that he may have even more significant opportunities and success ahead in his wrestling career.

What are your thoughts on Grayson Waller’s performance and interaction with John Cena at Money In The Bank? Do you believe this moment could be a turning point in his career, and what potential opportunities do you see for him in WWE following this segment? Let us know in the comments.

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