It’s Monday night, and you know what that means! WWE RAW will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

WWE RAW will start this week at 8:00 PM EST, as always. match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight promises an exciting night of action as Gunther goes one-on-one with Matt Riddle. Also scheduled for tonight is the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. The updated match card is as follows:

  • Gunther vs. Matt Riddle
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship: Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan (c) vs. Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green
  • Alpha Academy vs. Viking Raiders
  • Brock Lesnar responds to Cody Rhodes’ SummerSlam challenge
  • Judgment Day (Dominik Mysterio & Damian Priest) vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

WWE RAW Opener:

The opening package for the show airs. The commentators welcome the audience to the show and run down the card.


Cody Rhodes’ music plays and he walks to the ring. He gets on the mic and says they don’t have to talk because there is a shadow looming over the arena, Brock Lesnar. He says Lesnar should come to this ring and accept his challenge for SummerSlam. Cody then calls out Lesnar.

Cody says Brock is here tonight he is going to be fashionable late. He then says he will be waiting for Lesnar whenever he decides to show. He says his mom is in the front row. Cody says the other side of the family that trained him is his mother.

He says his relationship with Lesnar is complex and two words can describe it – hard times. He says tonight when Lesnar shows up, it won’t be hard times for him but it will be hard times for Lesnar. He then leaves the ring.

Brock Lesnar’s music hit and Cody is waiting for Lesnar. The music stops and Cody walks to the back. Again, the music plays and Cody now goes to the back in search of Lesnar. Brock attacks Cody with a steel chair multiple times. He slams him into the apron. Lesnar slams Cody into the post. He then hits the F-5 on Cody. Lesnar locks in the kimura lock.

Brock sends Cody into the ring. Lesnar locks in the kimura lock again. He then tells Cody that his challenge is accepted and that he’ll see him at SummerSlam.

*Commercial break*

Gunther vs. Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle’s music plays and he walks to the ring. Imperium’s entrance music plays and they come down to the ring.

The match starts and Gunther attacks Riddle in the corner. Gunther locks in the sleeper hold but Riddle escapes and transitions into the arm bar. Gunther escapes but Riddle locks in a triangle choke. Riddle throws Gunther out of the ring and kicks him in the chest. Gunther comes back with a chop and he follows it with a bodyslam outside the ring.

*Commercial break*

Both men exchange strikes. Riddle with an overhead kick. He attacks Gunther in the corner. He follows it with an exploder suplex. Both men exchange strikes. Gunther hits a German and follows it with a clothesline. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Riddle comes back with a ripcord knee. He then hits him with a knee to the back of the head. Cover! 1….2..kick out.

Riddle goes for the floating bro but Gunther gets his knees up. Gunther hits a dropkick and follows it with a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Gunther

After the match, Gunther gets on the mic and says the fans can boo him as much as they want but it won’t change the fact that they came here to see the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

He then says Riddle is done and he is building a legacy. He then says Drew McIntyre can ride his coattails but he will still fall victim to the Ring General.

Jackie interviews Liv and Raquel. Liv says as much as Chelsea and Sonya like to complain about the rules but they don’t follow them but they are ready for them. Raquel says they are ready for them.

Rhea interrupts and attacks Liv. This starts a brawl between Raquel and Ripley. Ripley kicks the knee of Raque which has left her hurt and in pain.

The Judgment Day’s music plays and they come out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Rhea says did people think they would break up. She says they are built differently and they won’t shatter because someone’s ego got hurt. She say they now dominate RAW. She also says Raquel just found that out. She says she is the most dominant woman here and is unbeatable. Rhea says Finn and Priest will soon become world champions and Dominik will become the North American Champion tomorrow on NXT.

Dominik says he is going to beat Wes Lee on NXT. Priest all those boos won’t change the outcome of the match tomorrow night. He says all those boos won’t change the fact that he is guaranteed to become world champion. Priest tells Finn that he gets first crack at Rollins.

Finn says that he will be listening to what Rollins has to say but their issues won’t be resolved until he is the world champion. Dominik yells something in Spanish. Sami Zayn’s music plays and he comes out with Kevin Owens.

Sami says he has a good relationship with the WWE Universe. He then asks the fans whether they paid money to listen to Dominik talk. The crowd boos. Sami then asks if they paid money to see someone shut Dominik’s mouth. The crowd cheers. Sami says they’re in luck because they get to do it tonight when they face Dominik and Priest.

Priest says they’ve been focused on individual championships and hints at coming after the tag titles. Priest asks them to put their titles on the line tonight. Sami says he should let Owens weigh in on this. Owens then agrees to a title match later tonight.

A trainer is checking on Raquel and he says she is ok to compete but she wants to get some scans. Raquel wants to fight and Pearce sanctions the match.

*Commercial break*

The Alpha Academy are backstage and they seem pumped for their match.

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan (c) vs. Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green’s music plays and they walk to the ring. Raquel Rodriguez’s theme song plays and he comes out. Liv Morgan’s music hit and she joins her and they walk to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The match begins with Liv and Sonya. Sonya kicks Liv and tags out. Chelsea and Sonya hit a double suplex on Liv. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Sonya tags in and attacks Liv in the corner.

Liv fights back and tags out. Raquels hits a couple of clotheslines on Sonya. She then hits the fallaway slam. Raquel throws herself into the post. Sonya locks in the half-crab. Liv breaks it up. Liv tags in and attacks Chelsea. Liv attacks Chelsea in the corner with a step-up knee. She hits oblivion. Cover! 1…2…Sonya breaks it up. Sonya takes out Raquel.

Green Sonya with a right hand to Liv and Green hit the unprettier. Cover! 1….2…kick out. Sonya tags in. Chelsea goes for unprettier but Liv escapes. Chelsea hits another unprettier and Sonya hits her with the knees in the face for the win.

Winner: Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green (c)

Seth Rollins is shown getting ready for his interview.

*Commercial break*

Bryon interviews Sonya and Chelsea. Sonya says no one cares about Raquel’s injury and they were champions when they arrived. Chelsea then thanks her fans and other people. Sonya says they have to leave now.

Byron interviews Seth Rollins. Rollins says the World Heavyweight Championship deserves a marquee moment at SummerSlam and his list of challengers is short but Balor is on it.

Finn interrupts the interview. Balor says he wants his rematch and he doesn’t care how many contenders are there. He says the issues between them are far from over. He then tells Rollins to talk to Pearce and make the match.

Rollins says he understands where Balor is coming from but he needs to stop living in the past. Balor says he is living in chaos and he is going to do to him what Rollins did to him. He says he is going to take Rollins’ career and alter it forever. Rollins says the World Heavyweight Championship is bigger than both of them. He says if Balor just wants to settle the score, they can do that right here right now and he asks Balor to take his shot. Balor then gets up and leaves.

Balor then comes back and assaults Rollins viciously. He then tells him to make the match before leaving.

Alpha Academy vs. Viking Raiders

Alpha Academy’s music plays and they walk to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Viking Raiders’ music hit and they come out to the ring.

The match starts and both teams brawl. Otis is sent into the post. Erik bodyslams Ivar on Otis. Gable takes down Erik and locks in the ankle lock. Erik escapes. Otis and Gable get a table from under the ring. Erik attacks Gable from behind. Ivar with a low splash on Otis.

Ivar goes for a crossbody but Otis catches him and hits a bodyslam.

*Commercial break*

ivar knocks down Otis and he climbs the top rope. He hits a moonsault on Otis. Cover! 1….2..Gable with a moonsault on Ivar. He then hits a German suplex. Cover! 1…..2…..Erik makes the save.

Erik with a right hand to Gable but he comes back with an exploder suplex. Gable with a diving headbutt. Cover! 1….2….Valhalla makes the save. Maxxine takes out Valhalla. Gable then hands her the varsity jacket and puts it on her. Valhalla spears Maxxine through the table. Erik sends Gable into the shields.

Otis takes out Ivar and hits Erik with a clothesline. He then bodyslams Ivar. Otis attacks Ivar in the corner. He then powerbombs Erik. Otis hits the caterpiller and climbs the second turnbuckle but Valhalla attacks him and the Viking Raiders hit the double powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Viking Raiders

Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross

Shayna Baszler’s music plays and she comes out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Nikki Cross’ theme song plays and she runs out to the ring.

The match begins and Nikki goes straight for Baszler. But Shayn locks in the sleeper hold and Nikki taps out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Ronda Rousey is in the press box. She says she has been thinking a lot about Shayna’s comments and asks what is easy entering the front door or the back door of WWE. She says it took her a fraction of the time it took Shayn to achieve her accomplishments.

Shayna says it’s easy to talk from up there. She says when it comes to being in the ring she’s a better wrestler and asks her to come down to the ring so they can settle it. Ronda says no unless she wants to make her. Shayna goes after Ronda who tells her she is going to get Shayna booked for SummerSlam against her.

Jackie interviews Ricochet who says Logan lives in his own little world. But these people are here for the WWE and in this world, Logan is a joke. He says he brought the real fight and Logan was the joke. He asks Logan to meet him next week so he can hurt him where it hurts.

*Commercial break*

The Miz is in the ring. He welcomes the audience to Miz TV. He says he is back and he says beat Ciampa last week. He then calls himself a winner and the biggest star in WWE. He then says he played in a golf tournament with Pat McAfee. He then insults McAfee.

Miz then introduces Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch’s music plays and she comes down to the ring. The Miz says it must be nice to sit next to a winner. The Miz then recalls all of Lynch’s recent losses and asks if she has lost a step.

Lynch then throws out of his chair and she says she has lost a lot of things but she hasn’t lost her step. She then asks Miz to call out Trish Stratus. Miz says he will bring out his surprise guests Zoey Stark and Trish Stratus.

Trish’s music plays and Lynch asks for her rematch. Trish asks her to calm down and asks why is Lynch obsessed with her and she is not going to fight her. She says she already fought her and won and hence, she won’t fight her. Trish says since she’s been back, she and Zoey are done and they are moving on.

Trish says this is the perfect place for Lynch to say thank you to her. Lynch says this is about Trish being a self-centered psychopath. She says Trish hit her when she was at her weakest because she couldn’t handle her at her strongest.

Lynch says she has accomplished more than Trish has accomplished. She then asks her to hand her a rematch unless the only thing she is good at is posing on social media. Trish agrees to fight her but she has to go through Stark. Lynch agrees. Trish says when Stark beats Lynch, then she will get on her knees and thank her. Lynch accepts. Trish says she will need Lynch to tattoo thank you Trish across her chest. Lynch agrees and a brawl breaks out.

Lynch fends off Stark and removes Trish’s faceguard before punching her in the face. She then puts on the face guard and headbutts Stark.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hit and he walks out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Bronson Reed’s music plays and he comes out to the ring.

The match starts and Nakamura kicks Reed but he gets up and knocks down Nakamura. Reed attacks Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura fights back and knocks down Reed. He kicks Reed in the back of the head.

Nakamura goes for a knee drop and misses. Reed with a shoulder tackle from the apron.

*Commercial break*

Nakamura fights back with a flurry of strikes and an enzuigiri. He hits a dragon screw to Reed. Reed hits the death valley driver on Nakamura. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Reed climbs the top rope but is stopped. Nakamura with a knee strike off the second rope. Cover! 1….2….kick out.

Reed with a big splash. Ciampa attacks Reed ending the match. He sends Bronson out of the ring with a knee strike.

Winner: Bronson Reed via DQ

Nakamura kicks Ciampa in the face for interfering in his match. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are backstage discussing their match.

*Commercial break*

Byron interviews Nakamura who says he is tired of everyone getting involved in his business, He again yells the same thing at Byron.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) vs. The Judgment Day (Dominik Mysterio & Damian Priest)

Kevin Owens’ music plays and he comes out. Sami Zayn’s music hit next and he joins him and they walk to the ring. Judgment Day’s music hit and they walk out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Rollins comes out and attacks Balor who tries to run away. The match starts and both teams brawl in the ring. Zayn attacks Priest in the corner. Sami hits Priest with an elbow.

Priest hits Sami with a right hand. Priest tags out. Sami knocks down Dominik. Sami tags out and Owens hits a senton on Dominik. He does it again. Owens attacks Dominik in the corner and tags out. Dominik drives Sami into his corner and tags out. Priest continues to attack Sami.

Dominik tags in and attacks Sami. Sami comes back with a backdrop. Dominik rolls out of the ring. Sami slams Dominik’s face onto the announcer’s desk. Rhea distracts Sami and Dominik takes advantage. He tags out and Priest chokeslams Sami.

*Commercial break*

Priest attacks Sami in the corner. Sami tags out and Owens attacks Priest and Dominik. He attacks Priest on the outside and hits a senton. He then hits a frog splash on Dominik. Owens sends Priest into the post and he follows it with a cannonball. Owens goes for the Swanton bomb but Priest gets his knees up. Dominik tags in and hits the frog splash. Cover! 1…2…Sami makes the save. Sami sends Priest outside the ring. Dominik sends Sami out of the ring.

Owens hits a pop-up powerbomb. Cover! 1…..2…..Priest makes the save. Both men tag out. Sami with a tornado DDT on Priest. Cover! 1…..2…..kick out. Sami climbs the top rope but is stopped by Priest. Priest hits an hurricanrana off the top rope. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Dominik tags in and dropkicks Sami from behind. He goes for 619 but is sent outside. Sami and Owens dive onto Dominik and Priest. Sami sends Dominik into the ring. Rhea sends Owens into the steel steps. Dominik with the roll up but can’t get the win. Liv comes out and attacks Rhea.

Sami hit the exploder suplex on Dominik. Owens hits the stunner on Priest and Sami hit the helluva kick on Dominik for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens (c)

This ends our live coverage of WWE RAW!

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