Shawn Michaels’ status as two-time WWE Hall of Famer who has influenced a generation after him. It turns out that Seth Rollins was also greatly influenced by the Heartbreak Kid.

Throughout the years, Seth Rollins has made it abundantly clear that his journey into professional wrestling would not have happened without the influence and inspiration of Shawn Michaels. Recently, after an impressive match against Bron Breakker on “WWE NXT,” WWE released a backstage video capturing a heartfelt embrace between Rollins and Michaels.

At that moment, the World Heavyweight Champion expressed his gratitude once again, emphasizing that without Michaels, he wouldn’t have crossed paths with his wife or experienced the joy of becoming a father. The bond between Rollins and Michaels continues to be a significant driving force in Rollins’ career and personal life.

During the Out of Character podcast, Seth Rollins admitted that Shawn Michaels is a reason why he feels he can do what he does in the ring. He certainly gave HBK his flowers in the moment.


“He’s really the reason I felt I could do what I’m doing,” Rollins began. “I was never going to be Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, or André the Giant, the people I grew up watching were all giants. Shawn and Bret were the first two people that I was like, ‘Oh, I think I can do that. Maybe if I’m lucky enough to get to 6 feet tall, I might be able to do that.'”

“I don’t have to be a 300-pound, 6 feet 7 giant or whatever. To be able to share that experience with Shawn, and to be able to get any amount of respect out of him — for what I’m able to do, as a character and a performer — means the world to me. I am really at a loss of words to describe what that [embrace with Shawn] meant to me. It was very special, I was extremely humbled that I had any amount of respect from The Heartbreak Kid.”

Seth Rollins and Shawn Michaels never met in the ring, but it would be a dream match, for sure. We’ll never know how that confrontation in the squared circle might have turned down, but at least fans can play that match out in the WWE 2K video game series.

Shawn Michaels and Seth Rollins are both with WWE, but they serve much different roles. Where the Visionary is a top Superstar on the main roster, Michaels is currently the man in control in NXT.

WWE has seen a lot of influential Superstars in the company’s history, but who made the biggest impression? Sound off in the comments!

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