Warner Bros Discovery’s approach to measuring the success of AEW Collision, the new television program from AEW, has been revealed in a recent report.

Since its premiere over a month ago, Collision’s viewership ratings have experienced fluctuations due to increasing competition in the television landscape.

Fightful Select has disclosed that Warner Bros Discovery is more interested in the ranking of Collision rather than the total number of viewers. The flagship AEW program, Dynamite, has consistently performed well on Wednesday nights, and Warner Bros Discovery expects Collision to follow suit. The company places importance on Collision’s relative standing among other shows in the same time slot.

Sources familiar with the matter have indicated that Warner Bros Discovery anticipates a potential decline in ratings for Collision in the fall when college football programming returns. In such a scenario, the company hopes that Collision will secure a position within the Top 5 rankings, reflecting its ability to compete against other popular television offerings.


By focusing on rankings, Warner Bros Discovery aims to assess the relative success of AEW Collision in the face of stiff competition. This approach takes into account external factors such as seasonal programming shifts, which can impact viewership numbers across various television networks. Warner Bros Discovery’s emphasis on rankings provides a benchmark for evaluating Collision’s performance and determining its position in the television landscape.

As AEW continues to expand its presence in the wrestling industry and capture a wider audience, the success of Collision will play a crucial role in solidifying the promotion’s standing in the highly competitive television market.

What are your thoughts on Warner Bros Discovery’s approach to measuring the success of AEW Collision? Do you agree with their focus on rankings rather than total viewership? Leave a comment below.

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