Rey Mysterio made an appearance at UFC 290 in Las Vegas to show his support for Mexican fighters Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez, who were competing in title fights.

While Rey is widely recognized by wrestling fans as one of the most popular Mexican talents to have competed in the United States, there was an unfortunate error made by the person responsible for the UFC chyron, who mistakenly referred to him as “Ray Mysterio” on the graphic.

The mix-up quickly caught the attention of fans and garnered attention on social media. It’s worth noting that UFC and WWE are expected to merge by the end of the year to form a new publicly traded company. With this in mind, some fans jokingly speculated that Rey Mysterio might adopt the name “Ray Mysterio” for his potential involvement in the UFC.

Rey Mysterio’s presence at UFC 290 was captured by various media outlets and shared on social media. He was seen proudly supporting the Mexican champions, further highlighting his connection to and support for his fellow countrymen.


Fans were delighted to see Rey Mysterio at UFC 290, and his presence added an extra layer of excitement and support for the Mexican fighters competing on the card.

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