WWE nixed their NXT UK brand in hopes of starting up NXT Europe this year. That hasn’t happened yet, and we’re already over halfway done with 2023. Now, it appears that new brand will have to wait.

Although hope hasn’t been lost for NXT Europe when Shawn Michael was asked about it before, Triple H’s latest remarks about the brand don’t give it a ton of hope that it will come in a speedy fashion.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Triple H’s comment about NXT Europe in the Money in the Bank media conference is an indication that the new brand is going to be a while.

Paul Levesque at the post-MITB press conference said that NXT Europe is being held up by the merger. That’s a code for it’s not happening soon, although it is true that a lot of things have been held up by the merger. However when NXT U.K. closed they did say NXT Europe would be started in early 2023, and even before the merger, there was not even a move in that direction and the people who were skeptical because they fired so many which made no sense if they were about to restart in a few months ended up being correct.


WWE has several talented wrestlers on their roster already who might be waiting for NXT Europe. Blair Davenport, and others, finally making their way to NXT could also be an indication that WWE isn’t going to just let their most talented UK roster members sit at home.

We will have to see when NXT Europe comes around. This could be a priority for WWE, because they want to reach out into that market. Only time will tell if they will be successful.

What’s you’re take on NXT Europe? Do you want to see the brand take off? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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