Big E suffered a broken neck in March 2022 and has since provided updates on his recovery. He didn’t need surgery for that injury, but he still hasn’t made a return to the ring just yet. That being said, there is no timetable for his return just yet.

While speaking on WWE After The Bell, Big E was asked how he’s feeling. He is feeling great, but there is no return time frame for him right now.

“I feel great. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timetable. The great thing is, I feel 100%, I don’t even feel like someone who broke their neck. My mobility is incredible and great. My strength is great, I have no issues whatsoever. I wish I had some answers on returning to the ring. I have nothing, unfortunately, but the beautiful thing is I feel great, my body feels great, I’m really thankful for that. Life is good. I’m blessed. I can walk around and touch my toes, go to the gym, all those things. Really grateful.”

“I want to say thank you to the EMTs who were there, very timely. I thought it was a contusion, I didn’t think my neck was broken at all. Thankfully, people got to me before I could do that. So thankful for the people in Birmingham, Dr. (Jeffrey) Dugas, who took great care of me. Everyone who was just there for me. People texting me, emailed me, all the people who checked in. Fans, peers, family, loved ones. Oftentimes, we look at the internet and Twitter, we think of wrestling Twitter, the community, sometimes it can be a dark place and be less than ideal. For me, I just saw a very beautiful community that reached out, wanted to support me, that was there for me, not just the day of or the day after, but weeks and months after. I am so proud to be part of this community and part of this industry because of that. I’m really grateful for all those things. Thank to everyone, I love you guys. I appreciate the love and support. I am doing beautifully. Mind, body, soul, all those things are incredible. Fortunate and blessed to be alive. Tip your waiters. Pay your taxes.”


The road to recovery from C1 injuries can be demanding and time-consuming, even for athletes like Big E. These injuries require a rigorous rehabilitation process aimed at restoring strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

The C1 bone, also referred to as the atlas, plays a vital role in supporting the skull and enabling head movement. Injuries to the C1 bone can be extremely serious, with potential life-threatening implications. The recovery period for C1 injuries varies based on the severity of the fracture and the individual’s unique healing abilities. It is important to approach the healing process with patience and diligence to achieve optimal recovery outcomes.

Only time will tell how long it takes for Big E to make his way back to the ring. He is certainly feeling great, and in great spirits, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to take another bump just yet.

For more on Big E’s recovery, and so much more, keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News!

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