LA Knight made a significant impression after his debut at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day on February 14th, 2021. While his main roster run was initially not going well, he is now insanely over with fans. It appears Knight also explained how he uses his frustration for real emotion in his promos.

The former NXT Superstars is undoubtedly one of the best talkers in the company and he has become an insanely popular talent thanks to his own abilities. LA Knight continues to win over fans with his performance every week.

LA Knight has singlehandedly managed to get over despite the fact he was dealt with subpar storylines throughout his run on the main roster so far. Therefore, fans have given him more respect.

While speaking on My Love Letter to Wrestling, LA Knight talked about his promos and the method behind them. LA Knight explained how he uses his frustration for real emotion in his promos.


“[Going to Impact] was the first time I’d seen real money … in wrestling,” Knight said. “Yeah, there’s a lot of fondness there. There’s also a lot of frustration that I didn’t leave sooner. And not because there was an issue there, necessarily, but just because I had the opportunity to come [to WWE] earlier. But I was lured in by that evil, evil money.

There’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of frustration, but there’s also a lot of vindication at this point,” Knight continued. “[Wrestling] is my biggest love and my biggest frustration.

I believe every single word I’m saying,” Knight said. “Maybe that sounds psycho to some people, maybe it doesn’t. But I’m so drawn into what I’m doing, and there’s so much real emotion from the last 10 to 20 years where I’m just like, ‘I should’ve been taking over the world so long ago.’ It’s all as real as can be. The journey, in a lot of ways — even though I was broke, and I didn’t have a car for years, and I was getting eviction notices and stuff like that — it was a rough go. But there’s some strange fondness that I do have for that struggle. Maybe it’s that weirdness, where I need that adversity or that negativity to push up against.”

There was good reason why WWE didn’t book LA Knight to win the Money In The Bank ladder match. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what WWE has planned for LA Knight next.

What’s your opinion on what LA Knight said? Are you glad he is now a proper WWE Superstar? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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