WWE fans really wanted to see LA Knight win the Money in the Bank match in London’s O2 Arena, but it didn’t happen. That being said, WWE still could have big plans for LA Knight at SummerSlam and beyond.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why WWE didn’t give the Money in the Bank win to LA Knight. It came down to the simple idea that the pay-off isn’t there for his Knight becoming Mr. Money in the Bank.


“Fans think that they’re never getting it, but that isn’t the case here, it’s like ‘if we give him the briefcase, then he’s getting a title shot, but when are we putting the title on him?’ and the answer is never, it’s probably not a good thing to give it to him.”

LA Knight is incredibly over at this point, and he didn’t really need the Money in the Bank briefcase, or a title belt. We will have to see if he gets either of those in the future, but it seems that Triple H still has a plan in place for the former Eli Drake.

Triple H understands how over LA Knight is. He was there in Saudi Arabia when his own speech was drowned out by fans chanting for Knight. That being said, booking can take time, but LA Knight is on a good road so far.

LA Knight is a breakout star in WWE, but he has possessed this potential for a long time. Should WWE have signed LA Knight a decade ago? Sound off in the comments!

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