WWE has a lot of plans in the pipeline, and they might just want WrestleMania in London. The big issue is that WrestleMania events are paid shows at this point, and London doesn’t need to pay WWE for the tourism boost. John Cena showed up at Money in the Bank to say that London deserves a WrestleMania event, and fans in the O2 Arena couldn’t agree more.

We previously reported that WWE is pushing hard for WrestleMania in London, because AEW All In London did so well in Wembley Stadium.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that John Cena did not go out at Money in the Bank and deliver that promo without WWE being well aware of it.

After the show, Triple H said something like, ‘oh John Cena put us in a bad position,’ like come on, please, please. He didn’t go renegade on your show. He’s acting like ‘oh now we have to look into this.’ He knew exactly what that was.


London fans would love to get a WrestleMania event, but John Cena didn’t go out there and stir the pot without WWE knowing what he was doing. There is no way that he was going rogue in the O2 Arena, as he planted the seeds to put pressure on London to arrange the show.

John Cena’s appearance at Money in the Bank was certainly unexpected. Now, we will have to see if his proclamation that London should host Money in the Bank comes true.

WrestleMania would bring a lot of attention to London, but will they get the show of shows? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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