Cathy Kelley is a world traveler, and she’s experienced a lot in her life. Men usually can’t keep their attention off the WWE announcer, but it seems she recently pointed out a big difference, and she didn’t pull any punches.

WWE is currently on a UK tour, which included Money in the Bank. It appears that Cathy Kelley had her share of interactions on the road, and men were included.

Cathy Kelley tweeted out to ask why Italian men will help her out, literally jumping over each other to do so. Meanwhile, American men will just pretend that you’re not even there.

Why is it that Italian men will literally jump over each other to help you with your bags, meanwhile American men stay pretending they don’t see you, so they can cut in line to board first on an airplane


There are a lot of differences in culture, but one reason why American males might not spring to action to assist a woman could be all the negative outcomes that can occur in that situation. After all, nobody wants to be the subject of getting dragged in a viral TikTok video.

We will have to see if Cathy Kelley finally figures out the differences between men in different countries. If anything, she certainly got a lot of engagement from this tweet.

What’s your take on what Cathy Kelley said? Do you think there is a big difference between men from different countries? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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