Hulk Hogan is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, and his contributions to the pro wrestling world cannot be denied. Hogan was responsible for an absolute boom during WWE’s golden age, and Hulkamania ran wild. Sadly, his career stretched longer than it might have needed to.

Hulk Hogan is not wrestling anymore, and it’s likely that he will never perform another leg drop. This is due to over a dozen surgeries on his back alone, and he might have more on the way.

While speaking to Men’s Health, Hulk Hogan was asked about the toll wrestling has done on his body. He’s been through a lot over the years, those Hulkamania years are in the rearview mirror.

“Wrestling has taken its toll. I wrestled almost 40 years, off and on, and I probably should have quit at the 20-year mark, but with Hulkamania running wild all those years and then when I turned into a bad guy and became Hollywood Hulk Hogan, it was like jumping on another lightning bolt and I had no idea that we were going to reinvent the wrestling business. So, I got hooked, I got sucked in, and I rode that thing until it dropped. Wrestling has been really tough on my body with multiple surgeries and injuries. Nobody gave me the memo that this stuff was fake.”


Hulk Hogan’s final match, sadly, did not even take place in WWE. In fact, he locked up for the last time in TNA, where he had a less than stellar run with a return to the ring after his career was officially over in WWE.

Hulk Hogan racked up a lot of memories in the squared circle, but it appears the only ones he’ll make now are at his Beach Shop. If anything, we know that he’s enjoying himself.

WWE has brought back a lot of Superstars and Hall of Famers, do you want to see Hulk Hogan again? Sound off in the comments!

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