During his recent episode of the ARN show, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed various topics, including his experience working with John Cena in WWE.

Anderson revealed that he served as the go-to guy for Cena as an agent, helping put his matches together. He recalled the moment when Vince McMahon made the decision to push Cena as a top guy.

According to Anderson, McMahon approached him one day and said, “Okay Arn, I am giving Cena to you, teach him how to work, teach him the business.” From that point on, Cena was assigned to Anderson, and they worked together throughout Cena’s journey to becoming a top star in WWE.

Anderson’s role as Cena’s mentor and agent allowed him to guide Cena’s in-ring development and help shape his career in the company. It was a significant responsibility and a testament to the trust McMahon had in Anderson’s expertise and ability to groom talent.


What are your thoughts on Arn Anderson’s role in working with John Cena and helping him develop as a top WWE superstar? Do you believe Anderson played a significant part in Cena’s success? Leave a comment below.

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