Welcome to the live discussion and coverage of NXT Gold Rush, airing on June 20, 2023, on the USA Network. We will bring you live results coverage, highlights and reactions for every match and segment on the show.

In tonight’s episode, we have some exciting matchups and segments lined up:

  • NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton defends her title against Thea Hail.
  • NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes puts his title on the line against Baron Corbin.
  • NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus defend their titles against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Champion Nathan Frazer defends his championship against Dragon Lee.
  • Kiana James faces off against Gigi Dolin.


Booker T and Vic Joseph will be your commentators for the event. Baron Corbin and Carmelo Hayes, with Trick Williams by his side, are both seen arriving at the Performance Center.

Thea Hail (with Duke Hudson) versus Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship


Thea Hail enters the ring accompanied by Duke Hudson as the Chase U student section enthusiastically supports her. Following that, NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton makes her entrance, eliciting mostly negative reactions from the audience.

The match begins as Alicia Taylor performs the formal ring introductions. They lock up in the center of the ring, with the fans engaging in dueling chants. Stratton initially gains control by targeting Hail’s arm, but Hail attempts two quick pinfalls. Hail then goes for a Kimura submission hold, but Stratton manages to reach the bottom rope, forcing a break.

Suddenly, Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey make their way to the ring as Hail continues to pursue the Kimura submission. Stratton fights back with her offensive moves, but Hail retaliates and sends Stratton crashing to the outside. Stratton retaliates by slamming Hail hard onto the apron and continues to work on her on the ringside floor. Eventually, Stratton brings the action back into the ring, executing a springboard back elbow in the corner followed by a powerful stomp for a two-count. Stratton maintains her dominance with further offense.

Hail manages to send Stratton back to the floor with a back elbow, and they both return to the ring. Stratton connects with a sit-out Spinebuster for a near fall, but her injured arm is visibly bothering her. Meanwhile, Hail recovers on the mat and discusses strategy with Duke. The broadcast then cuts to a commercial break.

Thea manages to escape Tiffany’s hold with an arm drag. Tiffany responds with a back elbow and nearly secures a pinfall. She follows up with a suplex, causing Thea to roll out of the ring to recover. Drew approaches Thea, seemingly saying something to her, while Duke offers advice from the outside. Thea struggles to get back on her feet, prompting the referee to initiate a count. Tiffany sends Thea back into the ring, and Thea fights back with punches. Tiffany retaliates with a kick and another near fall before applying a reverse chin lock. Tiffany takes Thea down to the mat while maintaining the reverse chin lock.

Tiffany delivers a knee strike and sends Thea into the turnbuckles. Thea targets Tiffany’s arm and throws her into the turnbuckles. Thea follows up with a flying back elbow and forearm, as well as an uppercut in the corner, leading to a Northern Lights suplex. Thea performs the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp and follows it up with a somersault senton and a springboard back splash, coming close to a pinfall. Tiffany counters with a slam and attempts a power slam, but Thea counters with a kimura submission hold. Tiffany tries to reach the ropes, but Charlie pulls the ropes away, leading to an argument between the referee and Drew. Meanwhile, Thea keeps Tiffany trapped in the kimura, and Tiffany eventually taps out. However, the referee is occupied with Drew and doesn’t see the submission. Tiffany seizes the opportunity and rolls up Thea for a three-count, retaining her championship.

After the match, Charlie and Drew verbally berate Thea, while Duke enters the ring. Charlie delivers a forearm strike to Duke, and Drew joins in the attack. Drew says something to Thea and proceeds to kick Duke while Charlie holds him.

Andre Chase makes a comeback by kicking Charlie and launching into a series of forearm strikes on Drew. Chase follows up with a flying double clothesline and joins forces with Duke, delivering jabs and U-Bionic Elbows.

Ilja Dragunov expresses that he is not exempt from pain and bruises, just like any other person. He acknowledges the agony of conflict but embraces and endures it. He becomes one with it, developing an unbreakable mind and an unconquerable will. A burning flame resides within him, allowing him to confront any evil that stands before him. His mind, spirit, and essence will always remain unbeatable.

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey are seen backstage, discussing their lack of communication with Joe. They mention their intention to address Stacks after dealing with Malik and Edris.

Malik and Edris express their confidence and state that it is their time to shine.

As we return, the focus shifts to Dana Brooke receiving medical attention from the staff.

Kelani Jordan enters the scene to introduce herself. Dana expresses her appreciation for Kelani’s kind words and mentions how gymnastics skills often translate well in the wrestling ring. Kelani reveals that Dana has been an inspiration to her, and she is thrilled to see Dana as part of NXT. Dana expresses her interest in stepping into the ring with Kelani once her knee has fully recovered.

The broadcast then presents a recap of last week’s episode, highlighting the incident where Joe was kidnapped by Channing Lorenzo.

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe versus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Mark and Blade initiate the action by engaging in a lock-up. Mark gains the upper hand by pushing Malik to the mat. They lock up once again, with Mark applying a side headlock. Mark follows up with a shoulder tackle, but Malik manages to evade a potential pinfall and quickly retreats. They lock up once more, and this time Malik manages to avoid Mark near the ropes. They engage in another lock-up, and Malik takes control with a side headlock. Wolfgang then tags in, and Malik successfully escapes a potential double team move from the opponents.

Mark and Blade start the match, but Edris quickly exits the ring upon Mark tagging back in. Edris applies a waist lock and follows it up with a side headlock. He floats over in the corner, executing a side headlock takedown and a forearm strike on Mark. Malik tags in and continues the assault with a side headlock. He delivers a back elbow and punch to Mark, followed by a flying forearm. Edris tags back in, and they hit a double dropkick on Mark and Wolfgang. Edris follows up with a sling blade, and Malik tags in. Edris lands a running knee, and Malik executes a frog splash, resulting in a near fall.

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo make an appearance on the HBalKony.

Edris tags in again, goes up to the top rope, and hits a double sledge to Mark’s arm. Malik exchanges punches and chops with Wolfgang on the floor, with Wolfgang retaliating with a punch. Malik responds with a chop. Wolfgang counters with a kick and forearm strike. Malik counters with a punch, and Edris sends Mark back into the ring. Edris lands a punch, and Malik tags in. Malik delivers an elbow in the corner and earns a near fall. Mark retaliates with a headbutt, followed by a side headlock. Wolfgang tags in, applying a cravat. He executes a snapmare and gets a near fall, maintaining control with the front face lock. Another snapmare follows, but Malik reverses it. Mark tags in, punching Malik.

Mark delivers a knee strike and applies a cravat. Malik manages to hit a dropkick on Mark, then applies a side headlock. Wolfgang tags in and executes a hot shot on Malik. The referee checks on Malik, while Wolfgang delivers an uppercut and punches in the corner. Mark tags back in, kicking Wolfgang and connecting with a forearm to the back of Malik’s head for a near fall. Mark applies a Cobra Clutch on Malik, and Wolfgang tags in, delivering a forearm to Malik’s lower back. Wolfgang focuses his attack on the neck. Mark tags back in, goes to the turnbuckles, and hits a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Mark maintains a front face lock and lands an elbow on Malik. Edris tags in and unleashes clotheslines on Mark, followed by a dropkick.

Edris proceeds to punch Wolfgang and Mark. He kicks Wolfgang and attempts a dropkick off Mark’s back, but slips before connecting with Wolfgang. Edris recovers with a spinebuster for a near fall. Malik tags in, and they execute a Hart Attack maneuver for another near fall. Edris tags back in, Malik performs a twisting frog splash, and Edris follows it up with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles. However, Wolfgang breaks up the pin attempt. Malik delivers clotheslines to Wolfgang against the ropes, temporarily tying him up. Mark halts Malik, and Channing Lorenzo tries to strike Mark but inadvertently hits Edris with an uppercut. Lorenzo sends Edris back into the ring, where Wolfgang delivers a TKO after Mark’s flying knee, resulting in a three-count.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang retain the championship.

A tweet from Ava is shown, indicating the need for a Schism Family meeting.

The broadcast cuts to a commercial break.

After the break, LEGEND…DARy (comprised of Noam Dar, Lash Legend, Jakara, and Oro) is backstage with McKenzie. Noam refuses to discuss his loss of the Heritage Cup title and Lash shows off her manicure. They shift the conversation to their victory last week and assert that Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey are their next targets. Oro emphasizes their unity as a group.

McKenzie asks Noam who he thinks will win the Heritage Cup title tonight, but he dismisses the question.

Next, it’s time for Schism to address their issues in the ring. Ava takes the lead, calling the meeting to address the internal conflicts within the group. She emphasizes the need for open and honest communication.

Joe encourages Jagger and Rip to express themselves freely. Jagger begins by stating that when they joined Joe, they were promised an improvement in their lives. However, they feel that they are only losing while thriving when they are on their own. Jagger mentions that he has known Rip for 18 years but does not trust Joe, believing that Joe has either lost his way or is simply insincere.

Ava tries to intervene, but Joe thanks Jagger for his honesty and admits to his mistakes. He points out that before joining Schism, Jagger wouldn’t have been able to voice his concerns because his previous partner prevented him from speaking. Joe asserts that he took Jagger from obscurity and provided him with a new home.

Rip then speaks up, acknowledging that they were in a bad place when they first met Joe and were lost and confused. Joe showed them a new path. However, they have recently noticed some inconsistencies in Joe’s preaching of inclusivity, which has made them question their loyalty. They suggest that perhaps the problem lies with Joe and not with them.

Ava interrupts Rip, attempting to bring the discussion to a halt. Joe defends his stance on inclusivity, emphasizing that it led them to Ava, and he will never apologize for that. He challenges Jagger and Rip, asking if they fully committed themselves or if there was hesitation. He questions why they are sitting there looking different and ready to conquer the world, when a year ago, that wasn’t the case.

Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Ivy Nile make their entrance, with Brutus expressing their frustration. Jagger and Rip assert that their issues have nothing to do with the Creeds.

Julius argues that the Creeds are involved due to Ava’s actions in the six-man tag match. He suggests that if Jagger and Rip no longer want to be a part of Schism, and the Creeds don’t want them there, they should just implode.

Joe counters, stating that the Diamond Mine is a poison and worse than Schism.

Julius claims that Schism is cancerous and they won’t allow it to spread throughout NXT.

Joe proposes a match between the Creeds and The Dyad for the following week. The stipulation being that the loser must leave NXT.

Julius agrees to the match, accepting the stipulation.

The broadcast then shifts to a segment showcasing the growth and bond between Bronco Nima and Lucien Price as they grew up playing football together. They discuss the colleges that approached them and how they had to go their separate ways. However, now they are on the same team and ready to dominate.

Hank, Tank, Axiom, and Scrypts watch the video and acknowledge that Bronco and Lucien are legitimate and will cause damage. Hank remarks that this means there’s a new team on the block with Axiom and Scrypts.

Nathan Frazer walks by, and Axiom wishes him luck for tonight.

Scrypts observes that Axiom seems interested in the Heritage Cup, and Axiom confirms that he is drawn to it.

The broadcast cuts to a commercial break.

Trick Williams asserts that everyone desires championship gold, but it’s crucial to put in the necessary effort. He dismisses the idea that Baron Corbin could ever match up to their level, referring to him as just another name on a t-shirt.

Rhea Ripley interrupts, declaring that she isn’t present to engage in conversation but rather to deliver a message. She addresses the fact that Finn Balor was handling “THE Judgment Day” business, and Corbin made the grave error of interfering. Ripley warns Corbin that by meddling in their affairs, he has made himself their target and will now face the consequences of his actions.

Dragon Lee (with Valentina Feroz) versus Nathan Frazer (with Yulisa Leon) for the Heritage Cup Championship

Round One:

Lee extends his hand, and Frazer shakes it before they lock up. Frazer executes a takedown, but Lee holds on and takes Frazer to the mat. Lee applies a wrist lock, and Frazer reverses it, only for Lee to reverse it back. Frazer transitions into an arm wringer, but Lee performs a handspring to land on his feet. They engage in a Greco Roman knuckle lock, and Frazer takes Lee down with a side headlock.

Axiom makes his way to ringside during the match.

Frazer maintains the side headlock when Lee tries to send him off the ropes. Lee counters with an atomic drop, but Frazer manages to hold onto the side headlock.

Scrypts joins Axiom at ringside, and they engage in a conversation.

Frazer executes a float over and flips across the ring. He goes for a rollup, countered by Lee with a rollup of his own. Lee follows up with a snapmare but misses a kick. Frazer and Lee both miss kicks, and they lock up again as the round ends.

Round Two:

They lock up once more, and Lee applies a hammerlock, followed by Frazer executing a flying mare. Frazer delivers a dropkick, while Lee responds with an elbow. Lee blocks a kick from Frazer and performs a dragon screw in the ropes. Lee places Frazer on the turnbuckles and hits a Frankensteiner, but Frazer manages to hold on and secures the three count with a sunset flip.

Nathan Frazer: 1 Fall Dragon Lee: 0 Falls

Round Three:

Frazer begins with a sling blade, and Lee rolls to the floor. Frazer follows with a headscissors, but Lee cartwheels and lands on his feet. Lee hits a dropkick to send Frazer to the floor, followed by a flip dive. Lee ties Frazer’s arm in the ropes and delivers a clothesline into the corner. Lee applies kicks for a near fall.

Lee executes a Liontamer, transitioning into a single leg crab. He pulls Frazer up from the ropes, but Frazer lands on his feet and connects with an enzuigiri. Frazer applies a Boston Crab, transitioning into an STF. Lee counters with a rollup for a near fall. Lee lifts Frazer and hits an Ushigoroshi for another near fall, followed by another near fall as the round comes to an end.

Round Four:

Lee charges with a running kick into the corner and follows it up with a leg sweep from the apron. Lee delivers a dropkick into the corner and gets a near fall. Lee lands a punch and attempts a suplex, but Frazer counters with an inside cradle for a near fall. Frazer sends Lee to the floor and executes a suicide dive. Frazer sends Lee back into the ring, preparing for a springboard move, but Lee moves out of the way. Lee lands kicks while Frazer responds with an enzuigiri. Lee hits a superkick.

Frazer retaliates with a superkick to the back of Lee’s head. Lee counters with a rollup into a sit-out powerbomb, securing the three count.

Nathan Frazer: 1 Fall Dragon Lee: 1 Fall

Round Five:

Lee begins with a dropkick that sends Frazer into the corner. Frazer answers with a superkick. Frazer climbs to the top rope for a Phoenix Splash, but Lee crotches him and places him in the tree of woe. Lee delivers a double stomp. Lee charges at Frazer, but Frazer sends him into the turnbuckles with an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Frazer positions

The broadcast presents a glimpse of Eddy Thorpe’s training session with Gable Steveson. Gable mentions that he has been closely following Damon’s career and recognizes his talent. Eddy expresses his disagreement, stating that Damon is not an Olympic Champion.

The training footage showcases Gable providing guidance to Eddy, advising him to stick to the game plan and not allow Damon to get inside his head. The session continues, focusing on various aspects of Eddy’s preparation.

After the training session, Eddy expresses his gratitude to Gable and asks him to be at ringside during his upcoming match. Gable acknowledges that Damon’s parents will be watching, hinting at the significance of the match and the need for support.

Wes Lee and Myles Borne are engaged in a conversation when Mustafa Ali interrupts, causing Myles to leave the scene.

Ali expresses his desire to apologize to Wes for slapping him in the face during their match. He admits that he may have become too involved and disrupted the clean finish they had planned.

Lee advises Ali to focus on his role as a wrestler rather than involving himself in others’ matches.

Tyler Bate interjects, disagreeing with the notion that Ali was impartial as the referee. He argues that there were inconsistencies in the counts, both fast and slow. Tyler expresses his desire for another opportunity at the title.

Ali reminds Tyler that he agreed to have Ali as the referee and had his chance. Ali now wants his own match, while Tyler proposes that he will be the referee for that match.

As Wes walks away, the argument continues between Ali and Tyler.

Meanwhile, Robert Stone searches for Von Wagner backstage. He eventually finds him and asks where Von was, as they were supposed to meet. Von responds by saying that Stone wouldn’t understand.

Von reflects on the hardships and trauma his family has endured, suggesting that Stone lacks the understanding of his experiences. Von expresses that he can’t continue with their partnership.

Kiana James versus Gigi Dolin

They engage in a lock-up and move around the ring, with Gigi ultimately taking Kiana down to the mat using a waist lock. Gigi goes for a pin attempt, getting a near fall. Kiana retaliates with her own near fall. Gigi follows up with arm drags, transitioning into an arm bar. Kiana manages to reach the ropes, prompting Gigi to release the hold. Gigi blocks a kick and delivers punches to Kiana. Gigi pulls Kiana away from the ropes, causing Kiana to roll to the floor. Gigi executes a wrist lock takedown and a back heel kick. She goes for a roll-up pin, but Kiana kicks out just in time. Kiana slaps Gigi, who responds with forearms. The action spills to the floor as they continue their confrontation.

They make their way back into the ring, and Gigi attempts a backslide pin, but only manages to get a near fall. Kiana retaliates with an Irish whip, but Gigi sends her to the apron. Kiana responds with a forearm and a slingshot elbow drop, earning a near fall. Kiana delivers punches, and Gigi fires back with her own punches. Kiana lands a knee strike and sends Gigi to the floor. She follows up with a forearm to Gigi’s back and slams her head into the mat. Kiana applies a reverse chin lock and Gigi fights back with forearms, kicks, and clotheslines. Both women exchange clotheslines and end up down on the mat. Kiana retrieves a bag and Gigi kicks her. Kiana swings and misses with the bag, and Gigi capitalizes with a kick and a crucifix driver for the three-count.

Winner: Gigi Dolin

After the match, Kiana attacks Gigi with the bag and hits her with 401k. She then pours orange paint over Gigi and follows it up with blue paint.

The broadcast cuts to Tony D’Angelo in jail, where he has a guest—Joe Coffey. Tony wants to know how he ended up on Joe’s list.

Joe reveals that he also has connections and knows people.

Tony expresses his belief that Stacks got him locked up.

Joe mentions that a lot has changed since Tony’s incarceration.

Tony asserts that he’s behind bars because of informants (“rats”), and Joe is fortunate that the glass separates them. He mentions that Stacks will take care of it.

Joe reveals that he handled the situation himself, explaining that the Underboss (Stacks) possesses ambition and a mind of his own.

Tony insists that Stacks is family.

Joe reveals that Stacks betrayed Tony, providing a recording of Stacks instructing Joe on what to do to seize control.

The broadcast shifts to Roxanne Perez answering questions on Snapchat when she is suddenly attacked by Blair Davenport.

Next week, Roxanne will face Blair in a match.

Baron Corbin is shown backstage, preparing for his upcoming match.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are seen walking backstage.

The broadcast proceeds to a commercial break.

Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) versus Baron Corbin for the NXT Men’s Championship

Baron Corbin and Carmelo Hayes engage in a fierce battle. Corbin attempts to hit his finishing move, End of Days, but Hayes manages to evade it. Corbin delivers a clothesline and runs Hayes into the ring post. They continue exchanging blows inside and outside the ring, with Hayes showcasing his resilience. Corbin applies a half nelson and chin bar combination, but Hayes fights back, hitting dropkicks and a springboard clothesline. The back-and-forth action intensifies, with both competitors displaying their arsenal of strikes and maneuvers. Hayes hits a springboard DDT and various other impactful moves, including a slingshot DDT on the apron. Finally, Hayes ascends the turnbuckles and lands Nothing But Net for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (retains championship)

In a backstage segment, Bron Breakker asserts his dominance and declares that no one can control him. He challenges someone to face him next week, confidently suggesting that they will find out the outcome.

The broadcast concludes with the credits rolling.

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