The pro wrestling world has many charitable members, and it seems that Eric Bischoff just made a big sacrifice for a great cause. Now he has a bald head, but others will benefit from his change in look.

During the Top Guy Weekend event hosted by AdFreeShows, wrestling personality Eric Bischoff made a bold gesture for a noble cause. In a heartwarming act of generosity, Bischoff had his head shaved, with the funds raised from the event going directly to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The initiative successfully gathered an impressive total of $13,500 in donations.

The event was made even more special by the presence of Kevin Sullivan, another renowned figure in the wrestling industry. Attendees at Top Guy Weekend had the opportunity to witness multiple individuals take turns buzzing away at the hair of the former WCW President. Alongside the head-shaving event, the weekend-long gathering featured live shows, meet and greets, and various other engaging activities.

That hair gone. For a great cause.


Eric Bischoff’s act serves as a reminder of the positive impact that the wrestling community can have beyond the ring. By dedicating his efforts to supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Bischoff and those involved in the event have demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in the lives of children in need. Their collective contribution exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity that unites wrestling enthusiasts for a greater cause.

We will have to see what is going to happen next in this situation. Others might join Eric Bischoff and pick up a pair of hair clippers as well. For more stories like this, and many more, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Felix Upton

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