Impact Wrestling taped an upcoming episode from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA. Below are the results from the show.

The show kicked off with Dirty Dango delivering a passionate promo, setting the tone for the evening. This led to a match between Dango and Crazy Steve, which ended in Dango’s victory with an impressive inverted DDT. Following the match, Dango took the microphone once again and criticized Santino Marella, calling him a disgrace. In response, Santino made his way to the ring, and an intense back-and-forth promo ensued. Just as tensions were escalating, Heath made a surprise entrance and launched a sneak attack on Dango from behind.

Chris Sabin put his X-Division title on the line against Trey Miguel in an exciting match. Sabin seemed to have the victory secured, but the returning Rascal Zachary Wentz intervened, leading to a brutal assault on Sabin. However, the situation took a turn when Alex Shelley rushed to Sabin’s aid and fended off the attackers, ensuring his teammate’s safety.

Lio Rush emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle against Jack Price.


In a stunning upset, Masha Slamovich triumphed over KiLynn King, one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. The victory came with the help of Courtney Rush, who interfered by choking Taylor Wilde with a chain, distracting her from the match. Masha capitalized on the opportunity and connected herself to the other end of the chain, departing the scene with Rush.

Kenny King emerged triumphant in his match against Yuya Uemura, securing the win with his signature move, the Royal Flush. However, the celebration was short-lived as Joe Hendry interrupted the proceedings, presenting Kenny with a comical music video mocking his previous career as a Chippendale Male Dancer. The gesture provided a lighthearted moment, generating laughter from the audience.

Nick Aldis took center stage to deliver a fiery promo addressing his recent attack on Impact Wrestling Champion Alex Shelley. Aldis called out Shelley, inviting him to join the crowd of Impact fans. Shelley accepted the invitation and confronted Aldis. A heated exchange followed as Aldis explained his actions, accusing Shelley of being a fraudulent revolutionary who aimed to exclude individuals like Aldis. The confrontation escalated into a brawl until Chris Sabin intervened to rescue Shelley. Lio Rush then rushed to the ring, and together with Aldis, they overwhelmed the Motor City Machine Guns (MCMG).

Eddie Edwards emerged victorious in a thrilling contest against Frankie Kazarian.

Champagne Singh & Shera squared off against the formidable duo of Sami Callihan & Rich Swann. In an impressive display of teamwork, Sami and Rich secured the win with a devastating spin kick/piledriver combination.

The Angels, accompanied by the rest of The Design, faced off against Jonathan Gresham in a highly anticipated match. Gresham emerged victorious, locking in his signature submission move, the Octopus Stretch, to secure the win. Following the match, Gresham extended a sportsmanlike handshake to the Angels, which prompted Deaner to intervene and discourage the gesture. Defying Deaner’s commands, the Angels pushed him away and shook Gresham’s hand, signaling a potential alliance between the two.

Gisele Shaw emerged triumphant in her matchup against Courtney Rush, securing the victory with a well-executed rollup.

Johnny Swinger clashed with Chic Donovan in an intense bout. However, the match was interrupted by Ernest Miller, who restarted the contest. In the end, Donovan emerged as the victor.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Chris Bey emerged victorious over Kevin Knight.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo triumphed over Taylor Wilde, executing her devastating finishing move, the Queen’s Gambit.

Alex Shelley successfully defended his championship against Brian Myers. The match reached its climax when Shelley applied a submission hold, forcing Myers to tap out, solidifying Shelley’s reign as the Impact Champion.

In a brutal street fight, Steve Maclin emerged victorious over PCO, showcasing his tenacity and aggression. Following the match, Maclin took the opportunity to address the crowd, demanding their attention and declaring himself the “King of Extreme.” However, his moment was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer swiftly took action, unleashing a series of Dusty punches and a bionic elbow on Maclin. Adding to the chaos, PCO unleashed a powerful chokeslam on Maclin, asserting his dominance.

Dreamer then took center stage, addressing the audience and sharing some personal news. He revealed that his last match in Center Stage took place on January 7, 2000, and that he had recently lost his mother and been diagnosed with skin cancer. Despite these challenges, Dreamer expressed his unwavering commitment to the IMPACT locker room, praising his fellow wrestlers as the reason he continues to return. He promised not to fade away and assured the crowd that he would perform again in Center Stage the following day. Concluding his speech, Dreamer handed the microphone to PCO, who delivered a powerful closing statement, proclaiming, “Atlanta, GA… You’re alive!” This poignant moment closed the event, leaving the audience with a mix of emotions and a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

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