CM Punk’s return to AEW came last week during the premiere episode of Collision. His off-the-cuff promo took some inside baseball shots at the Young Bucks as well, and this prompted them to respond via their Twitter bio.

AEW split up their rosters, for the most part, because of CM Punk. Now, fans are getting two totally different shows. CM Punk can also appear on Dynamite, but as we saw last week, if Punk is there then The Elite will not be physically there.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that, “One top name noted to us that they went home after the show on Wednesday in a bad mood and, even with the key people kept apart and not on the same shows, described the fear of this being a ticking time bomb that will not have a happy ending.”

CM Punk obviously saw that report, and he had his own reply. As usual, CM Punk took to his Instagram story where he shared this little commentary. That being said, the Second City Savior didn’t really say anything at all.


CM Punk simply uploaded a still photo of himself with Rancid’s “Time Bomb” playing. After all, that source said that there is a ticking time bomb in AEW.

We’ll have to see what the AEW locker room is like in a few months. There seems to be conflicting stories on the roster about general morale. If anything, it will certainly give us plenty of interesting headlines.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s post about the ticking time bomb story? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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