CM Punk is back in AEW, and some people aren’t happy about this much. Many members of the AEW roster have their own opinion about the Second City Savior’s return to the company, and there could be a few issues as well.

Bryan Alvarez from took to Twitter and shared the news that CM Punk was present in the venue. In subsequent discussion on Dave Meltzer’s appearance on the podcast, he shed light on the backstage atmosphere in AEW following Punk’s much-anticipated comeback to the company.

It seems that there are some problems within the AEW roster right now. It seems that there is some divisiveness in the company right now stemming from this big return to the roster.

“One thing on the show tonight [Dynamite]. You know, one of the one people… one of the top guys was told that we would not have to deal with Punk except for on pay-per-view. And it’s like, but here he is, week one. It’s not like it’s a surprise or anything. It’s just, you know, these ideas change or what people are told change. People are kind of like, this is the company, it’s a new company. That’s all there is.”


“You know, that’s how people view it. It’s a new company. As far as business-wise, what that means, we’ll find out. And as far as morale-wise, it depends on how Punk is. Punk needs to be magnanimous with everyone, and I think you will probably try at least with most, but, there’s a lot of divisiveness that, it’s so frustrating to me because I see it so closely, and I feel it shouldn’t be there. And, you know, it’s worse now than it’s been. It hasn’t gotten better now. Right now, it’s at a pretty bad point again.”

We will have to see how CM Punk’s return to AEW moves the needle for the company. They scored just over 800k viewers for the Collision premiere episode, and only time will tell if they can keep that number going.

CM Punk has a few friends in the pro wrestling business, but a lot of controversy also follows his name. Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue covering this ongoing story.

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