It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means! AEW Dynamite will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

The start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight promises another exciting night of action as we head one step closer to Forbidden Door. We’ll hear from Adam Cole after his draw with MJF last week. Kris Statlander defends her TBS Championship against Taya Valkyrie and Bryan Danielson calls out Kazuchika Okada. The complete match card is as follows:

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe
  • Adam Cole speaks
  • We’ll hear from Eddie Kingston
  • TBS Championship match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • The Hardys vs. The Gunns
  • Bryan Danielson calls out Kazuchika Okada
  • Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia & Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. Action Andretti, Darius Martin & AR Fox
  • Draw for the Blind Eliminator Tournament

AEW Dynamite Opener:

The opening package for the show airs. The commentators welcome the audience to the show.


The Hardys vs. The Gunns

The Hardys’ theme song plays and they come out to the ring. The Gunns’ music plays and they walk out to the ring.

The match starts with Matt Hardy and Austin. Matt attacks him and tags out. They knock Austin down. Colten enters the ring but they knock him down. Jeff attacks Colten in the corner. Jeff hits the whisper in the wind on Austin. Cover! 1…..2…..kick out.

Colten blindsides Jeff. Austin tags out and Colten attacks Jeff in the corner. Colten with a suplex. Cover! 1…2….kick out. He tags out and Austin goes to work on Jeff. Jeff sends Austin outside the ring. Colten sends Austin into the ring and tags in.

Colten goes for a splash and misses. Austin tags in. Jeff also tags in and Matt attacks The Gunns and hits the side effect on Austin. Matt hits the twist of fate. Cover! 1….2…Colten puts Austin foot on the rope.

Austin goes for the fameasser but Matt escapes. Matt goes for the twist of fate but Austin counters. Austin tags out and Colten plants Matt. Cover! 1…2…Jeff breaks it up. Matt tags out.

Jeff hits the double DDT. Jeff hits the twist of fate on Colten. Jeff goes for the twist of fate but Juice Robinson distracts Jeff and Austin pushes him off the top rope. The Gunns hits a to Yuma for the win.

Winner: The Gunns

Bullet Club Gold attack Matt Hardy. Jay White hit Matt with the bladerunner. Juice with a left hand to Jeff. Ricky Starks comes in and brawls with them but the numbers are too much. FTR also come out to brawl with them but the numbers advantage is with Bullet Club Gold and The Gunns. CM punk comes in and evens the playing field. Bullet Club Gold and The Gunns retreat.

CM Punk gets on the mic and says he has been watching them back fight. He then challenges them to a match this week on Collision.

Concession Stand Brawl: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe

Both men are ready to start the brawl. The match starts and both men brawl. Mark attacks Jeff. He hits him with a trash can. He sends Jeff crashing into the table and hits him with a trash can.

Mark sends him into a pillar. Jeff fights back and hits Mark with a concession stand. Karen Jarrett attacks Mark from behind. Mark sets up a ladder and climbs it but is pushed off the ladder by Sonjay Dutt.

They brawl down the stairs. Mark fights back against Jeff and Sonjay. Jay Lethal attacks Mark from behind and sends him over the barricade. Sonjay attacks Mark. Jeff hits Mark with a steel chair. Jay sends him into the ring. They stomp him in the ring.

Mark’s father is near the timekeeper’s area and he chokeslams Jay Lethal. He knocks down Sonjay and Jeff. Karen hits him with a low blow. Mark attacks Jeff. Satnam Singh enters the ring and chokeslams Mark in the ring. Christopher Daniels and Best Friends come out to stop him. Lucha Bros. also comes out and superkick Satnam Singh. Rey Fenix with a dive onto Satnam. Penta superkicks Jeff and Mark rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Takeshita is backstage with Blackpool Combat Club. Jon says there are only three letters that matter – BCC. He says they have assembled a great team and says he challenges the Elite to a five-on-five showdown. Bryan says he challenged Okada to a face-to-face but he is not here. He calls Okada an amateur. He says he will call out Okada and if he doesn’t show up then it will prove he is an amateur.

*Commercial break*

Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. Action Andretti, Darius Martin & AR Fox

Chris Jericho’s theme song plays and he comes out with Sammy Guevara. Minoru Suzuki’s music hit and he comes down to the ring. Action Andretti’s music plays and he comes out with Darius Martin and AR Fox.

The match starts with Andretti and Sammy in the ring. Sammy knocks down Action. Sammy tags out. Action tags out as well. Darius chops Suzuki but it has no effect. Suzuki chops him back and knocks him down. He tags out. Darius with an uppercut. He tags out and AR Fox attacks Jericho in the corner.

Jericho knocks down Fox. Jericho with a back suplex on Fox. Jericho tags out and Sammy attacks Fox. Sammy with a suplex on Fox. Sammy tags out and Jericho chops Fox. Fox tries to fight back but is stopped by Jericho. He tags out and Suzuki enters and chops Fox.

Suzuki tags out. Sammy kicks Fox. Fox fights back with an enzuigiri. Sammy tags out and Fox also tags out. Action with an elbow strike to Jericho. He dives onto Sammy and hits a flying clothesline on Jericho.

Andretti with a shotgun dropkick to Jericho. Suzuki with a sleeper hold on Action. Darius breaks it up. Suzuki drops him with a forearm strike. Darius comes back with an enzuigiri. Sammy hit a double cutter. Fox dives onto Sammy. Action with a springboard kick and a shooting star press. Cover! 1…..2….kick out.

Darius tags in and knocks down Jericho. Sammy with a Spanish fly. Fox with a corkscrew brain buster. Suzuki hits Fox with a Gotch-style piledriver. Andretti with a hook kick and Jericho hits him with a codebreaker. Darius with a flat liner off the second rope. Darius goes for a top rope dive but is caught and locked into the lion tamer and Darius taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki

Renee interviews the winners. Jericho takes the mic and says he and Sting in the ring for the first time ever was a monumental moment and everyone was excited except for him. He says he knows how selfish Sting is and all he ever does is show up wherever the highest bidder is.

He says he, Sammy, and Suzuki are challenging him and Darby to find a partner and face him at Forbidden Door. He doesn’t think that Sting will accept. Sting’s music hit and he walks out to the ring with Darby Allin.

Sting asks Jericho why is he so uptight. Sting says they had a great moment but a moment’s not long enough but he needs some time with him. He accepts Jericho’s challenge. Darby says Jericho made a lot of enemies in a lot of places and they have the guy for Sunday.

Jericho asks who their partner is. Darby says he will find out at Collision. They walk away.

Tony Schiavone and RJ City are backstage to choose the first name for the blind eliminator tournament. RJ City picks two names. Tony says the brackets will be announced next week.

*Commercial break*

The Elite are backstage. Adam Page Omega has a match and there is only three of them. Page says they have friends all over. Omega says BCC has a lot of enemies. Kingston comes in and says he doesn’t like and respect them but he hates Claudio more. He says he will join them but he wants to pick the fifth and final guy and walks away.

Adam Cole’s music hit and he walks to the ring. He gets on the mic and says he has to give MJF his due. He says MJF gave him one of the toughest matches of his career last week. He says he did everything to win that match but he didn’t win and neither did MJF. Cole says it was the smart and cowardly thing to do to not accept five more minutes.

He then says MJF has never beaten him. He calls out MJF. MJF’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. He starts by insulting the crowd. MJF congratulates Cole because he brought it last week. He says he is worried about Cole who took a lot of bumps. He says he had Cole beat had the time not run out.

MJF then rejects Cole’s rematch because he cares about his well-being. Cole says he has an idea that may change his mind and says they can fight now. Tony interrupts them and says he has an announcement. They ask him to shut up. Tony says the first name he drew for the blind eliminator tournament was Adam Cole and the second name was MJF. Both MJF and Cole are not happy about this.

Hiroshi Tanahashi appears on the titantron. He says he wants to show MJF what NJPW is capable of and asks him to accept his challenge. Cole asks MJF to think about his answer to Tanahashi. Cole whether MJF is avoiding Tanahashi because he feels that Tanahashi is better than him. MJF says no one is on his level. MJF then accepts Tanahashi’s challenge. Cole says the match is official for Forbidden Door. He then wishes MJF good luck.

Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia & Zack Sabre Jr.

Orange Cassidy’s music hit and he walks to the ring. Katsuyori Shibata’s theme song plays and he walks to the ring. Daniel Garcia’s music hit and he walks out. Zack Sabre Jr.’s theme song plays next and he comes out to the ring.

The match starts with Shibata and Zack in the ring. Both men mat wrestle. Cassidy tags in and Garcia also tags in. Cassidy takes down Garcia. Cassidy with a chop but Garcia takes him down.

Garcia attacks Cassidy in the corner. Zack tags in. Shibata also tags in. Shibata takes him down. Both men wrestle to a stalemate. Zack tag out. Shibata attacks Garcia. Shibata tags out.

Cassidy with a dropkick. Zack tags in. Zack with a snapmare and he twists the next of Cassidy. Zack tags out. Garcia with a suplex on Cassidy. He goes to work on Cassidy. Garcia tags out. Zack goes to work on Cassidy who rolls out of the ring.

Zack goes after him and hits an uppercut. He sends Cassidy back into the ring. Zack tags out and Garcia continues to attack Cassidy. Zack tags in and attacks Cassidy in the corner. Sabre tags out and Garcia goes back to work on Cassidy. Garcia tags out and Zack stomps the arm of Cassidy. Zack goes to work on Cassidy. Cassidy fights back with the stundog millionaire and tags out. Shibata attacks Sabre. He hits Zack with multiple uppercuts.

Zack tags out. Shibata attacks Garcia. Shibata and Cassidy kick Zack and Garcia. They attack Garcia and Zack in the corner. Cassidy with a suicide dive on Zack. Shibata hits a dropkick on Garcia in the corner.

Garcia recovers and locks in the dragon tamer. Shibata reverses it with a heel hook and Zack breaks it up. Cassidy with a DDT on Zack. Shibata and Garcia exchange strikes. Cassidy goes for the Orange punch and accidentally hits Shibata. Garcia rolls Shibata up for the win.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. & Daniel Garcia

Alex is backstage with Will Ospreay who says he used to performing in civilized countries and says AEW should get him some security. Don Callis enters and says Will needs some special security and he is going to provide his military-grade security to Ospreay.

*Commercial break*

TBS Championship match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie’s music hit and she walks out to the ring. Kris Statlander’s theme song plays next and she comes out to the ring.

The match starts and Kris knocks down Taya with a shoulder tackle. She chops Taya in the corner. Taya slaps Kris in the ring. Statlander comes back with a leg drop. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Taya sent outside. Kris with a moonsault.

Taya knocks Kris off the apron. Taya slams her face on the apron. She sends Kris in the ring. Taya attacks Kris in the corner. Taya with a running knee strike in the corner. Cover! 1….2…kick out.

Both women exchange strikes. They knock each other down. Kris with a running knee in the corner. She plants Taya. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Taya hits a double underhook buster. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Kris recovers and hits a discus clothesline. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Taya hits a spear on Kris. Taya with a sliding German suplex. Kris hits a superplex off the top rope. Statlander hit the Wednesday night fever for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander (c)

*Commercial break*

Eddie Kingston is in the ring. He says he just had surgery so he has to put a shirt on. He says he is out here because The Eliteleft since he said he doesn’t respect them. He says there are a lot of things going on that he doesn’t agree with. He says he can’t stand Claudio at all. Jon Moxley comes out to the ring.

Moxley says Kingston is drawing a line. Kingston says Moxley drew the line when he teamed with Claudio. Kingston says the fifth man is Ishii. Tomohiro Ishii’s music plays and he comes out. The BCC attacked Kingston. Ishii runs to help him but is attacked.

Bryan says Okada is not coming out. He says he is going to stomp Ishii’s face. Okada’s music hit and he comes down to the ring and stands face-to-face with Bryan. Yuta attacks him from behind.

Bryan goes for the Busaiku knee but hits Yuta. Okada goes for the rainmaker but Bryan evades and escapes the ring. Okada hits the rainmaker on Yuta.

This ends our live coverage of AEW Dynamite!

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