Welcome to the live discussion and coverage of NXT Gold Rush, airing on June 20, 2023, on the USA Network. We will bring you live results coverage, highlights and reactions for every match and segment on the show.

In tonight’s episode, we have some exciting matchups and segments lined up:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be up for grabs as Seth Rollins defends his title against Bron Breakker.

The NXT North American Championship will be on the line with Wes Lee defending his title against Tyler Bate. Mustafa Ali will serve as the special guest referee.


Duke Hudson will be hosting a pep rally for Thea Hail.

We’ll also witness a singles match between Dana Brooke and Cora Jade.

Baron Corbin and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes will come face-to-face.

#1 contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship will take place, featuring three teams: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, Hank Walker & Tank Ledger, and Edris Enofé & Malik Blade.


Earlier today, we witnessed Seth Rollins arriving at the venue.

Footage is shown of Bron Breakker as he confidently strides through the parking lot.

Wes Lee vs. Tyler Bate with Guest Referee Mustafa Ali

The match features Wes Lee facing off against Tyler Bate, with the esteemed Mustafa Ali serving as the guest referee.

The action kicks off with a lock-up, followed by Lee executing a takedown. Tyler swiftly counters with a waist lock and takedown of his own. Lee showcases his agility by flipping over and reversing the waist lock. Tyler responds with a standing switch, but Bate finds himself caught in an ankle lock. Lee attempts to break free, resulting in Bate landing gracefully on his feet after a cartwheel. Lee retaliates by pushing Bate, leading to another lock-up. Lee gains control with a side headlock and astounds Bate by flipping over him when he tries to execute a monkey flip. Bate quickly recovers and delivers an arm drag, followed by a takedown with a side headlock. Bate secures a near fall, slightly quicker than the fully trained referees. Lee surprises Bate with a roll-up, earning a close near fall. Bate tenaciously maintains the side headlock. They engage in a knuckle lock, and Bate attempts to go through Lee’s legs again, but Lee counters with another roll-up for a near fall.

During the match, Lee exchanges some words with Ali, and Bate nearly scores a pinfall with a roll-up. Ali clarifies his count to the competitors. Lee and Bate engage in a pushing match, which leads them to the mat. They eventually spill out of the ring, disregarding the referee’s count. They continue their intense battle against the announce table. Notably, the referee refrains from counting while Tyler and Wes are outside the ring. Lee delivers a chop, and Bate responds with a European uppercut.

Bate reaches the edge of the ring as Lee delivers a leaping uppercut, causing Bate to fall to the mat. Lee then locks Bate in a front face hold, throwing punches and landing a clothesline for a near pinfall. Lee focuses on Bate’s shoulder, applying a cravate and maintaining the front face lock. Bate manages to break free, earning a close near fall. Responding with resilience, Bate executes a European uppercut and follows up with a suplex, coming close to another pinfall. However, Lee counters with a kick as Bate attempts a single-leg takedown, forcing him away. Bate tries for a Tyler Driver 97, but Lee counters with a back body drop. Both competitors land simultaneous clotheslines, leading to both of them falling to the mat. Lee lands a punch, while Bate retaliates with a European uppercut. The exchange continues with Bate delivering multiple European uppercuts, and Lee responding with punches and forearms. Bate secures a side headlock and lands a head kick, followed by another European uppercut. Lee fights back with kicks and executes a snapmare, finishing with a dropkick to the back of Bate’s head.

Lee successfully counters a kick from Bate, but Bate quickly retaliates with a knee lift and a corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles. Bate follows up with an exploder suplex, and then attempts a shooting star press, but Lee cleverly raises his knees, resulting in a near fall. Lee responds with an enzuigiri, followed by an uppercut in the corner and a back heel kick. Lee prepares for the Cardiac Kick, but Bate evades it, causing Lee to inadvertently hit a rebound clothesline for another close near fall. Lee halts Bate’s progress on the turnbuckles with a well-placed kick. Lee then tries for a superplex, but Bate manages to block it. Bate delivers a headbutt to Lee, who responds with a punch. Both competitors exchange jabs, leading to Lee falling to the floor while Bate remains in the ring. Ali, who is outside the ring, slaps both Lee and Bate to wake them up and revive their energy.

As Bate falls to the mat, Lee capitalizes by executing the Cardiac Kick, securing the three-count.

Winner: Wes Lee retains Championship

Gigi Dolin expresses her lifelong passion for art and self-expression, describing how it provided an escape from her mundane existence. She shares that she has faced rejection from both friends and family, which she believes sets her apart from others. Gigi emphasizes her ability to bring her imaginative creations to life.

Meanwhile, McKenzie interviews Kiana James, who states that she prefers not to discuss her emotions. She is motivated by tangible results and highlights her personal growth and transformation from a reckless youth to a driven individual on the path to success. Kiana proudly embraces her ambition and dismisses Gigi’s choice to remain in a state of mediocrity.

The scene then shifts to the Chase Universitarians, who are seen walking backstage in preparation for the Pep Rally.

A commercial break occurs.

We return to the show, where footage is shown of Finn Balor’s actions against Seth Rollins on Raw.

In the ring, Duke Hudson presents photos of Thea Hail and declares it an honor as the MVP of Chase University to host the Pep Rally for Thea Hail. He mentions witnessing both her moments of defeat and victory, and announces that next week, she will defeat Tiffany to become the youngest NXT champion in history.

Duke introduces Thea Hail, who expresses her excitement and describes it as the greatest day of her life. She acknowledges that while others on the roster have various accomplishments, such as college degrees, all she has is graduating from high school. Thea states that her dream was always to become a WWE Superstar, not a doctor or an Olympian. She emphasizes that she doesn’t need accolades like national championships or advanced degrees because her focus is on becoming a champion.

Duke questions Thea’s high school graduation comment, and Charlie, presumably Dempsey, reacts unhappily to it.

Thea explains that she pushed herself to win the battle royal and expresses gratitude towards Mr. Chase, who is watching at home. She also thanks Duke Hudson and mentions Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak as her two favorite “pains in the butts.” She claims that Charlie must be happy about the idea of her winning the title, and she vows to utilize everything she’s learned when she faces Tiffany next week, promising to deliver a Chase University-sized beatdown.

Tiffany Stratton interrupts and criticizes the setup, calling it amazingly horrible. She dismisses Thea’s battle royal victory as luck and mocks the celebration, asserting that Thea will be the dumbest person in the building if she believes she’ll win next week. Tiffany confidently states that Thea has a zero percent chance of winning.

Duke counters Tiffany’s remarks, expressing belief in Thea’s ability to win the title at the age of 19. He praises Thea’s heart and determination, emphasizing that she leaves it all in the ring every week. He assures Tiffany that she will find out for herself in seven days, even if she doesn’t believe in Thea Hail. Duke declares that Chase University believes in Thea Hail, and he urges the audience to do the same.

Tiffany dismisses Duke’s comments and claims that not only will Thea not win next week, but she won’t make Tiffany tap out either. Thea surprises Tiffany with a kimura hold, causing Tiffany to tap out. However, since there was no official match, the outcome holds no significance.

The broadcast then cuts to footage from last week’s “The Schism” segment. Joe expresses concern about how his misfortunes might be affecting everyone, while Jagger takes responsibility, believing that their loss was his fault.

Joe agrees with Jagger, acknowledging that the Dyad has been hitting harder than ever and emphasizing the importance of unity. Ava asserts that their team will not crumble from a single blow. Ivy and Julius discuss “The Schism” and attribute their loss last week to Ava’s use of a loaded mask.

We return with a segment showcasing footage from NXT Anonymous featuring Jacy Jayne and Lyra Valkyria.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (with Fallon Henley) vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe vs.Tank Ledger and Hank Walker in a Number One Contender Match

Josh counters Hank’s boot with a takedown, but Blade evades Josh’s sunset flip attempt. Blade delivers a kick, and Enofe follows up with a sling blade. Brooks enters the ring and scores a near fall on Edris. Josh tags back in, and they execute a double slam. Josh kicks Hank, and they hit another double slam, followed by elbow drops.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Gallus is seen watching the monitor with a serious expression.

Hank and Tank drop Josh onto the apron, and Hank delivers a shoulder tackle to Edris. Tank tags in and delivers a corner splash, followed by a splash from Hank. Tank prepares for a suplex, but Brooks intervenes with a dropkick. Blade tags in, and all six men find themselves in the ring, splitting into pairs. Hank and Tank are sent into the ropes, and Brooks and Josh attempt sliding punches, but before they connect, Malik and Edris execute planchas. Hank and Tank respond with cross body presses onto all four men on the floor. Hank hits a full nelson bomb on Edris, earning a near fall that is broken up by Josh. Hank backs Josh into the corner and lands shoulder strikes. Tank makes the tag, and they deliver a double shoulder tackle to Josh, followed by a double diving headbutt for a near fall. Malik applies a side headlock on Tank, but Tank reverses it. Blade hits a jumping leg lariat, and Enofe tags in as they execute a double suplex for a near fall.

Tank starts with a side headlock on Edris, but Edris fights back with punches. Josh and Edris combine for a double shoulder tackle on Tank. Josh executes a biel on Edris and follows it up with a kick to Tank. Brooks tags in, and they deliver a double slam to Tank, coming close to a pinfall. Edris retaliates with punches on Brooks, who counters with an uppercut. Tank Irish whips Edris and follows up with a hip thrust in the corner. Hank tags in and slams Edris, earning a near fall. Brooks interrupts the cover and punches Hank, leading to a back-and-forth exchange of punches between the two. Brooks lands punches on Edris, followed by an uppercut. He continues with a headbutt, punches, and a running elbow in the corner, culminating in a clothesline from Josh. Brooks adds a spinning heel kick to Edris, and both Josh and Brooks deliver sliding punches to Hank and Edris. Josh catches Blade and sends him against the ropes for a forearm, while Enofe hits a dropkick on Hank.

Josh lands a boot on Hank, who responds with a DDT on Edris. However, Josh, Hank, and Edris all miss their respective splashes. Hank delivers a kick, and Blade counters with knees and chops. Blade connects with a forearm on Hank and a blockbuster on Josh. Tank tags in, hitting clotheslines on both Blade and Josh. Tank follows it up with a fallaway toss, but Brooks intervenes with a superkick on Tank, followed by a neck breaker. Brooks then performs a Doctor Bomb, using Blade to hit Tank. Josh tags in, and they set up for the Hart Attack, but Enofe breaks up the cover from the turnbuckles. Blade finishes the match with a frog splash, securing the three-count.

Winners: Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

The scene shifts to Gallus, where Joe asks if they’re heading to the pub.

Angel and Humberto appear, stating that Gallus is fortunate they weren’t involved in the match, and they confidently claim that Gallus will lose their titles next week.

Next, Eddy Thorpe is seen at the turntables when Damon Kemp approaches. Damon reveals that in two weeks, he will be bringing Raw Underground to NXT, where there will be no ropes and matches will be won by TKO or submission. He warns Eddy that he has no idea what he’s about to experience.

Footage is shown of Blair Davenport lying down, seemingly injured after an attack by Roxanne Perez. Blair declares that the game is on, indicating that she won’t back down.

We return from the break to find Seth Rollins in the locker room, where Nathan Frazer approaches him with his trophy. Frazer asks Seth how he’s doing after last night’s events. Seth responds by expressing his pride in Frazer’s accomplishments.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams enter the scene and introduce themselves to Seth. Laughter and chuckling ensue among the group. Seth acknowledges that he knows who they are and admits he was expecting them to drop by. Hayes expresses his intention to show respect to Seth as the champion.

Cora Jade versus Dana Brooke

Cora initiates the confrontation by pushing Dana, but Dana quickly retaliates by backing Cora into the corner and delivering shoulder strikes. Cora attempts to escape by slapping Dana and running away, but Dana stops her from leaving the ring and lands punches while slamming Cora’s head into the mat. Dana follows up with a hip toss, a cartwheel, and a back heel kick, nearly securing a pinfall. She then executes a snap mare and an elbow drop, coming close to another near fall. Cora fights back with forearm strikes and slams Dana’s face into the mat. She sends Dana into the turnbuckles and delivers kicks, targeting Dana’s ribs before slamming her head into the mat. Cora continues with kicks in the corner, but Dana evades when Cora goes for a springboard kick. Dana counters with a handstand head scissors, followed by a kick that sends Cora to the floor.

Dana avoids Cora’s attack from the apron, but Cora capitalizes with a running knee as Dana reenters the ring, causing Dana’s leg to get caught in the ropes. Cora secures a near fall and begins focusing her offense on Dana’s injured leg. Despite the injury, Dana manages to deliver shoulder tackles, but her knee gives out when attempting a roundoff splash into the corner.

The referee checks on Dana, and medical staff enters the ring to assess her condition. They bring a knee brace, and Dana says something to Cora. A stretcher is brought to the ring, but Dana resists being taken out and refuses to leave the ring. Cora appears pleased with Dana being stretchered, and an air splint is applied to Dana’s leg.

The medical staff continues to attend to Dana, bringing a knee brace to the ring. Dana exchanges words with Cora, and a stretcher is brought in, indicating the seriousness of Dana’s condition. However, Dana refuses to be taken out of the ring and shows resistance to being stretchered. Cora appears satisfied with Dana being stretchered, while an air splint is applied to Dana’s injured leg. Additional officials arrive to keep Cora away from Dana as she is being transported backstage. However, Dana unexpectedly slaps Cora and gets off the stretcher, displaying her determination to continue the match.

Dana retaliates with forearm strikes and sends Cora face-first into the apron. She attempts a rollup for a near fall and goes for a slam, but Cora manages to escape and clips Dana’s leg. Cora slams Dana’s leg into the mat and Dana responds with a kick that sends Cora into the turnbuckles. Dana follows up with a clothesline and attempts a flapjack for another near fall. However, Cora counters with a kick to Dana’s knee when she tries to execute a suplex. Cora then sends Dana into the turnbuckles, but Dana manages to counter with an elbow strike. Dana misses a Vader Bomb, giving Cora an opportunity to slam Dana’s leg into the mat and apply a single leg crab. Cora pulls Dana towards the center of the ring, and the referee ultimately stops the match.

Winner: Cora Jade via referee stoppage

We are shown footage of Von Wagner and Robert Stone in an empty building, where Stone asks about “the photo.” Von explains that as a child, he had a fused skull, which required surgery when he was just 15 months old. The surgery lasted 14 hours, and there were uncertainties about his survival. However, the surgery was successful, fixing his skull and giving him a chance at life.

Stone expresses his inability to comprehend what Von went through during that time. Von recalls spending a week in intensive care and expresses gratitude for the support and care his family provided. He shares his experiences of being called a monster by other kids in school due to his appearance. Von knew he looked different, and he remembers how some parents would advise their children not to play with him.

Stone acknowledges the potential anger that Von must have felt in those circumstances.

Von decides to end the conversation for the day and thanks Stone.

Returning from the break, Eddy Thorpe is watching footage of Raw Underground when Scrypts advises him to be prepared. Axiom and Scrypts offer their assistance. Gable Steveson arrives and states that he will work with Eddy since he knows Damon.

Baron Corbin and Carmelo Hayes make their way to the ring.

Baron expresses his impatience with Hayes’ posing and antics, stating that it won’t help him keep the title around his waist. He emphasizes that having the title doesn’t signify success. Corbin acknowledges Hayes’ cool appearance and swagger but asserts that there is nothing Hayes can say or do next week that he hasn’t already experienced.

Hayes retorts, claiming that Corbin has never witnessed an NXT Title reign or earned the respect of the people. Corbin dismisses Hayes’ comments, emphasizing that he is not concerned with what the internet or anyone else thinks about him. He states that he doesn’t care about being perceived as cool. Hayes asserts that Corbin plans to enter his “home” and run him over to take his title, hoping to regain relevance.

It is possible, but it is not probable,” says Hayes. He continues by stating that he is not new to being targeted by people from the main roster, and they have all ended up on a t-shirt hanging in the rafters. Hayes asserts that there is no difference between Corbin and those who came before him. If Corbin believes that defeating Hayes will be the big jackpot, Hayes challenges him by saying, “Let’s compare bank accounts and Mania moments.” He predicts that Corbin will take the loss, as Hayes achieved great success at a young age while Corbin was being cut from the Arizona Cardinals. Hayes refuses to live his life trying to meet Corbin’s expectations and instead sets his own new expectations. He asserts that his name is on the deed of this house, having made significant changes to it, and no amount of money or accolades can change who he truly is.

Corbin fires back by saying that if Hayes has to constantly tell people that he is who he claims to be, then he is a nobody. He admits barely recognizing Hayes on Smackdown, considering him insignificant. Corbin states that while he could resort to physical violence, he doesn’t need to, as he plans to defeat Hayes, claim the title, and enjoy the luxuries of his extravagant lifestyle.

In the backstage area, Valentina and Yulisa prepare for their match as Dragon Lee approaches and informs them that he will be watching. Nathan expresses his gratitude to Valentina and Yulisa for their assistance last week, and they reply that they are always there to help. Nathan mentions that Seth advised him to take care of those who supported him along the way, and he promises Lee the first title match.

Following the commercial break, a segment featuring Gallus in the “Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment” is shown. Mark and Wolfgang drive away while Joe receives a call asking about rats. Suddenly, Channing Lorenzo arrives and attacks Joe, putting him in the trunk of a car before driving away.

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz vs Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson

Leon and Feroz initiate the attack on Jackson and Legend at ringside, engaging in a brawl. Leon executes a springboard arm drag on Jackson, but she falls to the floor, prompting the referee to check on her. Jackson sends Leon back into the ring and, with Legend’s assistance, delivers punches and chops. Lash follows up with a splash, securing a near fall. Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez make their way to ringside.

Jackson tags in and connects with a hanging cutter, resulting in a near fall. She follows up with a seated abdominal stretch on Feroz. Feroz manages to tag in and kicks Legend before delivering a back heel kick. Feroz then executes a running double knee strike. She proceeds with a headscissors takedown off the turnbuckles, followed by a double knee drop and a roll through. Feroz stomps on Oro’s hand and catches her with a pescado. Leon joins in with a flip dive onto Oro. However, Legend delivers a bicycle kick to Feroz, securing the three-count.

Winners: Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend

In the following week’s matchups, Baron Corbin will face Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Men’s Championship, Tiffany Stratton will take on Thea Hail for the NXT Women’s Championship, Gigi Dolin will face Kiana James, Gallus will defend the NXT Tag Titles against Malik Blade and Edris Enofe, and Nathan Frazer will face Dragon Lee for the Heritage Cup Championship.

Bron Breakker vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship

Seth Rollins manages to evade a double leg takedown attempt from Bron Breakker, while Bron successfully avoids Seth’s Black Out move. Bron then escapes a Pedigree from Seth, who retaliates by sending Bron to the floor and delivering a knee strike from the apron. Seth follows up with a chop to Bron and sends him into the apron. The action returns to the ring, where Bron counters with a kick to Seth’s midsection.

Bron continues to target Seth Rollins’ ribs by running him into the apron and applying a bear hug. Rollins fights back with forearms and a chop, but Bron counters with a near fall off a rana and a slam. Bron follows up with a backdrop, but Rollins manages to kick out. Rollins attempts a splash in the corner but misses, allowing Bron to hit a German suplex for another near fall. Bron shows off by doing push-ups but then runs into the ring post shoulder-first when Rollins moves out of the way. Rollins gains momentum with clotheslines and a forearm in the corner, but Bron blocks a suplex attempt. Rollins counters with a knee strike, sending Bron to the floor. Rollins executes a series of suicide dives before Bron retreats to the outside to avoid the Black Out finisher. Rollins lands a clothesline on Bron and proceeds to adjust the announce table. However, Bron overpowers Rollins, hoisting him overhead, but Rollins escapes and hits a thrust kick. Rollins climbs the turnbuckles and successfully lands a frog splash through the table. Both men rush to beat the referee’s count and return to the ring.

Bron and Rollins exchange strikes, with Bron applying the Steiner Recliner, but Rollins reaches the ropes for a break. Rollins attempts a frog splash, but Bron moves, causing Rollins to crash into the mat. Bron follows up with a Frankensteiner and a press power slam for a near fall. Bron sets up for a spear, but Rollins counters with a knee strike. Rollins goes for a Pedigree but gets a near fall instead. Rollins delivers a rolling elbow and attempts KO, but Bron blocks it. Rollins goes for rollups and a superkick, eventually hitting the Black Out for a three-count.

After the match, Finn Balor emerges from the crowd and attacks Rollins from behind, focusing his assault on Rollins’ injured ribs. Security attempts to intervene, but Finn dispatches them easily. Finn brings Rollins back into the ring and continues his attack with a chair, targeting the midsection and back. Finn goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams run in to prevent further damage and restrain Rollins.

The concludes the show.

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