After a brief hiatus in March, Will Ospreay made his return to wrestling in April and has been actively competing since then. One of his notable matches was against Lance Archer at NJPW Dominion, which he won, securing his position as the top contender for the IWGP US Title.

While speaking with Knotfest, Ospreay discussed the condition of his shoulder following the match with Lance Archer and how it may impact his upcoming bout against Kenny Omega at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2.

Ospreay acknowledged that facing someone as massive as Archer with an injury was challenging, as it limited his ability to execute power moves. Instead, he relied more on strikes during the match.

“As good as it physically can be, the weight difference was for sure a factor facing Lance,” he said about his shoulder. “The sheer mass of the guy and it not being fully healed was extremely difficult to be able to hit any type of power moves, so had to go for strikes instead.”


Regarding the pressure to surpass his previous encounter with Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 17, where Omega emerged victorious and claimed the IWGP US Title, Ospreay acknowledged the heightened expectations.

“There is way more pressure as everyone will always want to be able to top it. This time, I’m more motivated to get the right results and have answers to his offense.”

As Ospreay prepares to face Omega once again, he carries the experience of their previous encounter and aims to not only top their previous match but also emerge as the victor.

How do you think Will Ospreay’s shoulder injury and the pressure to surpass their previous encounter will impact his rematch against Kenny Omega at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2? Leave a comment.

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