Tammy Lynn Sytch’s name is filled with controversy, and that’s not likely to change. As she sits in jail awaiting her DUI Manslaughter trial, the former Sunny is still catching headlines, but it’s not in a way she would have preferred at all.

During the 1990s, Tammy Sytch rose to fame as one of WWE’s most popular performers. However, in a recent interview, her former co-worker Marty Jannetty made a surprising allegation, stating that he refused her sexual advances during their time together.

Marty Jannetty had multiple stints with WWE, spanning from 1988 to 1996, with additional appearances between 2005 and 2009. The 63-year-old wrestler has a reputation for his wild partying lifestyle, even claiming to have been intimate with over 1,000 women throughout his career. He is also known for his wild social media posts, even admitting to murder.

Marty Jannetty also has quite a wild life to speak of, and he didn’t hold back when speaking about Tammy Lynn Sytch. The former Rocker spoke to Hannibal TV about the former most downloaded woman on AOL.


“I don’t mind telling you, no. It’s not that it couldn’t have been, it’s not that it wasn’t offered – I hate to say it that way – and it’s not that I don’t think she’s a pretty girl, and it ain’t like I didn’t hear her next door quite a bit. When I say next door, the room next door, I would hear her.” 

Tammy Lynn Sytch and Chris Candido were the first episode of this season of Dark Side of the Ring. As we wait for Marty Jannettty’s episode to air, fans are expecting a really wild ride through his career as well.

Only time will tell what is next for Tammy Lynn Sytch. Things don’t look good for her, as she’s out of money and waiting for her trial. Marty Jannetty, on the other hand, seems to be doing a bit better than Sunny. He’s also probably really glad that he dodged that bullet.

What’s your take on Marty Jannetty’s story about Sunny? Would you have turned her down? Sound off in the comments!

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