Marty Jannetty has lived quite a life in the pro wrestling business. His time on this earth also apparently included a story where he murdered a man, and burning his body, when he was in his teenage years. This is something that they had to include in his episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

While talking to The Ringer, Evan Hunsey, one of the co-creators of Dark Side of the Ring, recently discussed the upcoming episode featuring Marty Jannetty. He revealed that they had dedicated four days to spend with the former WWE Superstar, delving into his story. Husney intriguingly mentioned that viewers would be left to discern between truth and fabrication, as they navigate the various aspects of Jannetty’s narrative.

It turns out that Dark Side of the Ring planned for Marty Jannetty to be featured in the show’s third season, but that was changed when news broke after he admitted to murder decades prior.

“Marty Jannetty, it’s definitely an episode you’re not going to want to miss. It was one that when we were working on Season 3, and that’s when the news broke on this crazy story that Marty had put out there that he had killed somebody at some point in time. It was just like, ‘What is going on?’ … People just went crazy with that, so for us, it was kind of this thing like, ‘Oh my God, what would a Marty Jannetty episode look like?’ Then we realized it can’t just be this thing where we go and interview him for an hour or two, it just wouldn’t be right.”


“So we actually wound up spending four days with Marty and really immersing ourselves in Marty JannettyLand and trying to get his truth. I think the episode is largely about, obviously him being kind of the underdog out of the two in The Rockers, his rise with Shawn, but I think a lot of people are also going to find that this is largely also about his time after the spotlight. How he’s chasing that notoriety. He’s chasing that by any means, whether it be provocative, fabricating things, creating his own universe. So I think we’ve landed on the perfect title for that episode. It’s called ‘The World According to Marty Jannetty.’ So everybody’s going to want to tune in for that. I think everyone’s going to have to decide for themselves what’s truth and what’s fiction in that story.”

In case you need a refresher, Marty Jannetty admitted to murdering a man when he was a young boy. This incident apparently took place outside a bowling alley, and Jannetty was defending himself from being sexually assaulted. Obviously, they plan on taking a deep dive into this subject during Dark Side of the Ring. Jannetty later dismissed that story as pro wrestling angle.

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