Asuka is a highly respected member of the women’s division on Friday Night Smackdown. She is one of the most ruthless in-ring competitors in the company and many respect her for good reason. That said, it appears that WWE was blasted for the confusing women’s title booking after Asuka’s segment on SmackDown last week.

As seen on last week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Adam Pearce wanted the WWE Women’s Championship presentation to go without any issues. This did not really sit well with Bianca Belair.

During the presentation, WWE introduced the brand new WWE Women’s Title for Asuka. Unsurprisingly, it received a ton of backlash from fans as it looked exactly like Roman Reigns’ new Undisputed Title.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran questioned why Asuka was given a new belt. He then proceeded to blast WWE for the confusing way they have booked the new title already.


Adam] Pearce goes to the ring and brings out Asuka. Now here’s the thing, she’s on SmackDown but she was the RAW Women’s Champion. So Asuka gives Pearce the old RAW Women’s Belt and he gives her a new belt which he calls the new women’s title belt; not RAW or SmackDown but just women’s title. It looks the same except that it’s gold, not red like the one they just gave Roman Reigns, not Roman the other champion, Seth [Rollins]. So what the f*** is going on here? Is there a SmackDown Women’s Champion? She turned in the RAW Women’s belt so she’s just the Women’s Champion?”

Asuka also defended the title design. Charlotte Flair made her shocking return on the show as well and instantly got a title match. Asuka will now defend her title on the Smackdown before Money In The Bank. We’ll have to see who will come out on top in the match.

What’s your view on what Jim Cornette said? Do you like the new title design for the WWE Women’s Championship? Sound off in the comments!

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