WWE made headlines when they hired Simone Johnson back in 2020. The Rock’s daughter then started training at the Performance Center. She finally debuted as Ava Raine last year and fans had high hopes for her. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to do much yet and it appears there is doubt that The Rock would allow her to be on television.

The Rock’s daughter currently competes in WWE NXT as one of the mainstays of the brand. She is 21 years old and had a bright future ahead of her as part of Schism. Fans wanted to see whether she had her father’s athletic ability.

Ava Raine also made her singles debut a couple of weeks ago, but her match was widely panned due to her abysmal in-ring ability. Despite being in developmental for over two years, Raine simply hasn’t shown much signs of improvement.

While speaking on his podcast, Dutch Mantell stated that Ava Raine is still far too green as a wrestler. In fact, Mantell stated that he believes The Rock would not allow his daughter to be on television as it would reflect poorly on him and the family.


“Well, this is a project that could very well backfire in WWE’s face. By her being the biological daughter of Dwayne Johnson, she is expected to have certain athletic talents that she just doesn’t have. This is no knock on her, but she’s been training for a solid year. We can’t even blame it on the knee surgeries, but she is very, very green.

I think Rock wouldn’t allow her to be on TV right now because it reflects poorly on him and the family.”

We will have to wait and see whether Ava Raine will eventually improve herself as an in-ring competitor, as fans are certainly not impressed by what they have seen so far.

What’s your view on what Dutch Mantell said? Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments!

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